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FOX Tokens let you trade crypto commission free on the ShapeShift Platform. Zero commission. Zero trading fees.

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Every FOX you hold gives you $10 of commission free trading; this volume renews on a 30-day rolling basis.

How FOX Tokens Work

10 FOX Tokens = $100 of Commission Free Trading

FOX is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain

Commission free trading is a benefit of holding FOX tokens. They don’t expire and you don’t have to spend them.

Your commission free trade volume refreshes on a rolling 30-day basis as long as you hold FOX in your platform wallet.

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FOX Tokens unlock commission free trading on the ShapeShift Platform. Finally, you can enjoy a beautiful web-based crypto management solution, without paying trading fees.

  • Create a new wallet or connect your KeepKey, Trezor, or Portis
  • Visualize your portfolio performance through a powerful dashboard
  • Trade crypto commission free with over a thousand asset pairs when you hold FOX Tokens
  • Buy crypto with your debit or credit card
  • Send, receive, and hold your digital assets
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does commission free trading mean?

Free means ShapeShift adds zero commission, zero spread, and zero trading fees to our rates. Standard network mining fees apply.
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What is the FOX Token contract address?

How do I get my free 10 FOX tokens?

Create a verified ShapeShift account and connect a wallet to the ShapeShift Platform to earn and redeem 10 FOX tokens.

How does my free trade volume replenish?

Your commission free trade volume replenishes automatically on a 30-day rolling basis as long as you’re holding FOX tokens. Whenever a portion of your free trade volume is used, that portion is automatically replenished 30 days later.

Can I buy or sell FOX tokens?

You earn more FOX tokens for every completed trade. ShapeShift does not yet sell FOX, but let us know if you're interested.

Where can I keep my FOX tokens?

The best place to store your FOX is in the new ShapeShift Platform (because that unlocks the ability to trade crypto without commissions). However, FOX is a standard ERC-20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain, so you can technically hold it in any Ethereum address.

How do I utilize the benefits of my FOX tokens?

When you have FOX tokens in your ShapeShift Platform wallet, you’ll automatically get free trading on $10 of trade volume per token every 30 days. The wallet must be connected, and the discount is auto-applied on each trade.

Which wallets support FOX token?

Within the ShapeShift Platform, Portis, KeepKey, and Trezor wallets support the FOX token. FOX is an ERC-20 token and can be used with any wallet that supports custom contracts.

Are FOX tokens or free trade volume capped or limited in any way?

Each FOX token in your account gives you access to $10 of USD-equivalent volume per token. Your free trading volume renews on a rolling 30-day basis. There is not a limit to the number of FOX tokens you can hold in your account and they do not expire.

Do I have to spend or lose my FOX to benefit from them?

Nope! FOX is a perpetual asset that enables free crypto trading for as long as you hold it in your account.

Interested in purchasing FOX?

It's not for sale right now, but we'll let you know if that changes.

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