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Keep more of your crypto. ShapeShift adds zero commissions, trading fees or spread to our rates thanks to our loyalty token, FOX.

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FOX Tokens Unlock Free Trading

All verified users receive 100 FOX tokens

100 FOX tokens = $1,000 of free trading volume

Free trading volume replenishes on a 30-day rolling basis

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0% Commission. 100% Control.

ShapeShift pioneered the non-custodial crypto model, which means we don't hold or control your crypto. With ShapeShift, you control your private keys.

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Zero Commission & No Trading Fees

We’re revolutionizing crypto trading by making it free. Verify your account to earn 100 FOX tokens, which give you $1,000 in free trade volume each month on a perpetual basis.

Top-Tier Liquidity

ShapeShift is the counter-party to every trade, which means you never have to worry about thin order books or a lack of a bid. We integrate with a wide variety of liquidity partners to ensure you’re getting highly competitive rates. See for yourself.


Your free account gives you access to over a thousand trading pairs to help diversify your portfolio. Why manage multiple exchange order books, order types, and complex calculations to execute alt to alt trades? Let us take the hassle and the unnecessary fees out of trading.


Our non-custodial model ensures that you don't need to trust an exchange with your funds. With ShapeShift, you control your keys and you control your crypto, just like Satoshi intended.

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Rest assured you’re getting the most competitive rates when you hold FOX tokens. Don’t just take our word for it - compare top exchanges

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ShapeShift Platform

Start trading on the ShapeShift Platform by creating a new wallet in seconds or using the hardware device you already own. We've integrated with your favorite wallets: Portis, KeepKey, and Trezor. Our web-based platform takes your crypto management to the next level, offering all the tools you need.

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