Limited Time: Gas Rebate on Your Next DEX Trade

Gas fees have made it more expensive than ever to trade, so your next one's on us! Follow the steps below to claim your gas rebate when you trade ETH & ERC-20s via our DEX integration on mobile.

How to Get Your Gas Rebate ⛽️

DEX Trade

Make a DEX trade by March 20th 12:30 PM MST—you cover the gas up front, we'll refund you after you complete the next two steps.

Make a trade


Tag us on Twitter
@ShapeShift_io with #GasFeeRebate


Submit Rebate

Submit your gas cost by completing this form to receive your rebate on a new DEX trade.
Valid rebates accepted from
3/17 - 12:30pm MST -- 3/20 - 12:30pm MST.

Fill out form
That's it!

After you've completed the steps above your ETH will be deposited to your wallet within 5 business days.

Why are gas fees so high?

Gas is the price paid to miners for the computational power used to confirm each transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. Because there are more and more transactions taking place, the cost (gas) of confirming each transaction has increased to meet the new demand.

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