Have you ever thought about how often you monitor your favorite cryptos and how much of your day is spent obsessing over the highs and lows of cryptocurrency prices? For some, it’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to bed. For others, it’s a tab that is consistently open on your computer. Well, we’re here to feed your habit. The CoinCap 2.0 Mobile App is your solution for real-time market data — anytime, anywhere.

CoinCap Mobile for Android or iOS

Convenient and Compelling

With the sleekest interface on the market, CoinCap is designed to give you the most instantaneous and engaging view of cryptocurrency markets around the world. The convenience of checking reliable and transparent data from your phone is easier than ever.

With CoinCap, not only can you see a ranking of all cryptocurrencies by market cap or trade volume, but by real-time market rise and fall as well.

Altfolios are the best way to track your crypto portfolio performance across all of your wallets and exchanges. With CoinCap, you are able to monitor your complete crypto portfolio performance without the risk of custody on your phone. Enter your historical crypto purchases and sales to obtain an accurate portfolio overview.

What’s New in the CoinCap App?

CoinCap has officially launched a built-in software wallet powered by Portis! What does this mean? If you’re an Android user, you can set up a new wallet in seconds, directly from the CoinCap app. You can buy crypto with a debit card and store your funds, all in the palm of your hand. If you’re an iOS user, fear not, this feature is coming soon for you too!

Check Out the New ShapeShift

Open your “Settings” tab and click “Trade with ShapeShift” to see all that we have to offer. Want to buy, sell, and trade for free? Thanks to FOX Tokens, we’ve got you covered. Still not convinced we have the best rates? Check out the rate comparison page to see how we rank with competitors.

So, look no further to satisfy your daily crypto habit. With real-time market data for over 1,500 digital assets, pulled from 4,548 markets on 71 exchanges, CoinCap is the app for you.

Download CoinCap Mobile for Android or iOS today!