It’s a new year, but not the same ShapeShift, not even close. This year you’ll find a powerful new platform equipped with commission free trading at

2019: If you traded with us at the beginning of 2019, you used the original to exchange one crypto for another using external wallets and with a small trading fee.

2020: If you trade with us now, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive web platform with access to a newly rebuilt trading engine and the best available rates thanks to our new free trading model.

It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs in the markets, but think of it as many traders do — more opportunities to buy the dip. You can trade with us, confidently knowing you’re getting the best possible rate for over a thousand trading pairs.

Don’t take our word for it; keep reading to find out how we evolved in 2019 to make ShapeShift the best option for self-custody trading.

Free Crypto Trading Thanks to FOX Tokens

We don’t add any commission, spread, or trading fees to our rates. While other companies have used similar offers, they are only limited-time promotions. With us, any user that holds FOX tokens can trade for free. FOX is our loyalty ERC-20 token that makes free trading possible. When you create a verified account with ShapeShift, you earn 100 FOX tokens. Simply hold these in your wallet that’s connected to the ShapeShift Platform to enjoy $1,000 in free trade volume, on a rolling 30-day cycle.

Free trading is only beneficial to users if we can also offer them better rates than anyone else. Thanks to our newly rebuilt trading engine, our rates are better than ever before.

Trading Engine 2.0

Our trading team and engineers worked hard to upgrade our trading by creating an entirely new trading engine that can better source liquidity and execute more beneficial trades for our users.

We find the best available rate for you by acting as the gateway to institutional crypto trading for the retail user. You never have to worry about thin order books or a lack of a bid because you’re trading directly with us, and we’re the counterparty to every transaction.

Additionally, we use a wide variety of liquidity sources instead of tapping into only one partner for liquidity. As a result, you have access to top-tier liquidity and don’t need to settle for an overpriced rate. Meanwhile, our powerful trading engine employs algorithmic strategies to minimize impact and manage risk behind the scenes.

You can avoid the hassle of watching the markets, using order books or analyzing different exchange prices. The price we get is the price you get. Period.

Self Custody Wallet Solutions

You can access our free trading when you connect to our web-based platform. The ShapeShift Platform launched in July 2019 with support for two leading hardware wallets, KeepKey and Trezor. Now we’ve added compatibility for Ledger and Portis, making access available to hardware users and software users alike.

Each wallet has a different set of supported assets, and ShapeShift makes it easy to trade between them, with one simple login. Rather than juggling multiple accounts, you can diversify your portfolio in one place, with one click.

Most importantly, all of our supported wallets are self-custody, meaning you control your private keys, unlike large custodial exchanges. We want to lead the industry in having users take back control of their keys by making our self-custody platform easy to use, with the tools and trading people need.

Better Rates — See For Yourself

Just like anything in this world, the motto “don’t trust, verify,” applies here as well. That’s why we recommend comparing our rates in real-time against other leaders in the industry.

Rate transparency has been missing from crypto trading, and we’re here to change that. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash and toggle between amounts to see differences between rates.

Leave the Fees in 2019

Start your new year with the most competitive rates in crypto. Create a free verified account to earn 100 FOX tokens and trade commission free.

Trade crypto for free on the ShapeShift Platform. Create a verified account & get 100 FOX tokens to start trading for free.