Ready for a portfolio management tool worthy of your Trezor?

Trezor© hardware wallets are compatible with the ShapeShift Platform, an enhanced interface to manage and interact with your crypto. Send, receive, trade, buy, track, and hodl your crypto in a beautiful web interface. All while your private keys are secured offline by your Trezor.

Why Use a New Interface for Trezor? 

It was high time for cold storage to become more convenient. The new ShapeShift Platform solves this problem. We offer a superior user experience and interface that gives you complete control over your private keys.

We’re bringing the most advanced and necessary crypto management tools together in one, simple, clean and secure platform — all compatible with your Trezor.

Trezor + ShapeShift = Better Together

We truly believe that when a Trezor is connected to the platform, users are provided with an upgraded experience like never before. Compare the features in the new ShapeShift Platform to features available in the native Trezor wallet.

Compare the features available in the ShapeShift Platform to the native Trezor wallet.

Everything You Need and More

All the tools and features you need to manage your crypto:

  • Hardware-Secured. Secure your funds through cold storage, keeping your private keys entirely offline. Your Trezor only needs to be connected to send and trade.
  • Portfolio Management. The web interface platform provides advanced tools for portfolio management, including sparklines, graphs, real-time value movement, and balances. Analyze your crypto performance by the hour, day, week, month, year, or all-time to make the best financial decisions.
  • Trade Crypto. Trade dozens of assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Your new coins are deposited directly on your Trezor, quickly and securely.
  • Real-Time Market Data. CoinCap is seamlessly integrated into the user experience, conveying real-time and historical value for crypto assets. There’s no need to jump between websites as you get accurate real-time data within the platform.
  • Non-Custodial. Staying true to ShapeShift’s values, we‘re empowering you to stay in control of your crypto. Your private keys are secured with your hardware wallet, giving you complete sovereignty over them. The assets you trade through our platform are never held by us, so you’re secure from hacks.
  • Buy Crypto With Fiat. ShapeShift’s platform allows you to easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dai with USD directly from your bank account. Enjoy competitive fees of less than 1%.
Level up your Trezor Experience. Get started in the new ShapeShift Platform: Track, trade, buy, send &receive your bitcoin.

Let’s Talk About ShapeShift Accounts

You only need to go through ShapeShift’s full verification process to trade or buy crypto on the platform. Otherwise, with an email and password, you can still view your dashboard, send, receive, track your portfolio, and make informed decisions on trading your crypto.

Basic Account: Create an account quickly with an email and password.
Verified Account: Upload your information and get verified in minutes.

You only need to go through ShapeShift’s full verification process to trade on the platform.

Try out the new ShapeShift with your Trezor

Finally, crypto’s classic hardware wallet meets the interface it always deserved. And we’re thrilled to offer Trezor users a more complete crypto experience. Create a free account in seconds and start forging your alternative financial future.

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