What could make crypto trading platforms better? How can we work together as a community to make trading crypto easier and more accessible to everyone?

At ShapeShift, we’re striving to improve the crypto experience through our powerful new platform, noncustodial key management, and transparency.

We’re proud to be the only noncustodial crypto trading platform that offers benefits like free trading and multiple self-custody wallet solutions. Our hope is that our vision for a better experience will shape the future of fees and key management, across the board in the crypto space.

Transparent Rates + Free Trading

It’s not always clear how crypto trading fees work or if you're getting the best rate. Remaining confident that you're trading with the most reliable market data and exchange rates, without introducing an element of trust can be difficult. Does anyone even know what fees are added to the different exchanges?

We’re redefining the way crypto trading is done with transparent comparable rates, an improved trading engine with top-tier liquidity, accurate real-time time market data, and free trading with FOX tokens. ShapeShift adds no hidden commissions, spread or trading fees. While trading is commission free, standard network miner fees still apply to each trade.

Access free crypto trading between over a thousand exchange pairs, all with one account. This takes the inconvenience out of navigating multiple exchange logins, order books, and managing account security. Our non-custodial model ensures that you don’t need to trust an exchange with your funds — you control your crypto.

A Variety of Wallet Options

We‘ve worked hard to support integrations with the community’s favorite and most requested hardware wallets. The ShapeShift Platform supports the top three leading hardware wallets: Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey. But we didn’t stop there.

No hardware wallet, no problem!
We discovered that our users wanted to branch out from hardware and expand into other self custody wallet solutions. Our integration with Portis software wallet allows you to create a new wallet easily in seconds. Users can access the ShapeShift Platform’s dashboard and tools to manage crypto virtually instantly.

Customer Loyalty Benefits

You get rewarded for some purchases in your everyday life — why not get rewarded for trading crypto? Customer loyalty benefits are the cornerstone of other traditional industries and they are infiltrating blockchain tech. Everyone likes the feeling of getting something back, especially when it saves you money (or crypto) in the long run. This is why we became the first-ever noncustodial crypto trading platform to offer free trading with our loyalty token FOX.

But how do we make it free? Just holding FOX in your platform wallet lets you trade crypto for free on the ShapeShift Platform. Zero commission. Zero trading fees. Sign up to get 100 FOX tokens, which means $1,000 of free trade volume every 30 days. FOX tokens don’t expire and you don’t have to spend them. Your free trade volume refreshes on a rolling 30-day basis as long as you hold FOX in your platform wallet. Sign up and get your 100 FOX tokens.

Easy Access For All

The ShapeShift Platform is browser-based, with no app or downloads needed. You can access it anywhere that you can connect to wifi. Crypto can be complicated enough. Let us provide a secure, simplified, easy to access experience. If you’re using a hardware wallet, pair it the first time using a desktop and then can view your portfolio from anywhere simply by signing in with your ShapeShift account. Who said hardware couldn’t be mobile?

You can connect to the platform using Google Chrome browser or Brave browser. Our platform is optimized for mac but works with other operating systems like Windows 10 and Chromebook.

Self-Custody Private Key Management

#ProofofKeys anyone? With hackers running rampant and popular exchanges getting hacked, it’s more important than ever to control your private keys. The main appeals for using exchanges are their powerful tools and ease of use. Well, there’s a new player in town that lets you hold your own crypto while still getting the best user experience possible — the ShapeShift Platform.

Ready to finally kick exchanges to the curb? Get started with a KeepKey hardware wallet for only $10 when you verify your ShapeShift account.

Education & Support

We know you don’t want to wait for help and that you want the most accurate information. Trading crypto can be technical and hardware wallets present even more of a challenge at times. By providing friendly and reliable support from real humans 365 days a year, we can help solve issues in real-time. We offer live chat, email support, and a comprehensive self-service Help Center. Receive personalized support with an account or get step-by-step assistance for those without an account.

Our support team consists of real-life crypto specialists and ShapeShift product experts. If you’d like to grow your crypto knowledge, we also provide a comprehensive educational blog filled with content for any interest and background.

Take Back Control

Blockchain technology is an incredible space full of impactful innovation and collaboration. It’s empowering communities to take back control of their financial journeys and disrupting the status quo.

At ShapeShift, we’re excited to participate in the crypto revolution by making trading free to all. We add zero commissions, trading fees or spread to our rates thanks to our loyalty token, FOX. Create a verified account and get 100 FOX tokens to start trading for free. Explore without an account or sign up to trade for free. Let us know what you think on Discord or Telegram.