ShapeShift DAO Opportunities - We are hiring!

ShapeShift DAO is at ETHDenver this week, we are hiring full-time contributors and for select bounty projects!

DAOs are a collective organization owned and managed by its members, allowing everyone to have a voice in the direction of the DAO. When you join our DAO, you become an active participant in a robust community that surrounds and supports ShapeShift’s open-source, self-custody, multi-chain crypto platform for the world. 


One of the many benefits of a DAO is the ability to remain completely flexible in its iterative steps and direction - unlike a traditional corporation bound by rigid procedure and bureaucracy. Our vision is a borderless financial system built on open, decentralized protocols, a community built on trust and accomplishing shared goals. 

A few of the benefits of working alongside the ShapeShift DAO:

  • Governance power within the ShapeShift DAO
  • Flexible work schedules - work from anywhere in the world
  • Educational and professional growth opportunities
  • Transparency of business operations
  • Get paid in stablecoins or FOX

Workstream Opportunities

ShapeShift is an open-source project. You can pick up any bounty you are interested in and complete it. Once complete, submit your work and get paid for your contribution. 

If you are looking to start coding within the crypto space, DAOs, by nature, are a perfect space to dip your toes in. With the information and structure of a DAO being completely transparent and available in totality online, anyone can come in and start working relatively quickly. It is super easy for someone to go into ShapeShift DAO’s Discord server or visit our website, learn about the DAO and start contributing to the code. Anyone can - and is encouraged to - ask questions, participate within the DAO and be present in the community. 

ShapeShift is hiring right now - this is the perfect time to jump right into the DeFi DAO space! Click here to view the job/bounty board.

Who is Hiring?

Supportive Community

Our culture at ShapeShift has been grounded in three core values: we expect our Foxes to be kind, pioneering, and to embody integrity. 

We welcome and support contributors from around the world, trying our best to ensure everybody finds their place at the DAO in one way or another. We believe in the importance of self-custody as an inherent quality of blockchain and crypto networks. We believe in kindness and treating each other with respect. A community that is kind to each other will inevitably do greater things than one that is constantly infighting. 

Are you interested in joining our community and becoming a ShapeShift FOX yourself? Join our FOX Forum and Discord and get engaged in the discussion. 

Once you are in our Discord server, go to #role-selector, select topics that interest you, and they will open new sections for you to read and discuss. 

Let your DeFi adventures begin!

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