time to ditch the commissions and fees when you trade one cryptocurrency for another. Since 2019, ShapeShift has empowered users to trade crypto for free. This move that is revolutionizing the industry was made possible by the launch of FOX Tokens. Want to try it out? All ShapeShift users can earn 100 FOX Tokens simply by verifying an account.


FOX Tokens Explained

FOX is an ERC-20 token that unlocks free crypto trading on the ShapeShift Platform. FOX Tokens are distributed to each ShapeShift user when their account is verified. Each FOX Token gives you $10 in free trade volume, every 30 days. Simply hold FOX in your platform wallet to enjoy the benefits. The tokens are perpetual — they don’t expire and you don’t have to spend them.

How ShapeShift’s FOX Tokens work. 100 FOX Tokens equals $1,000 in free trading volume on Get 100 FOX free.

Use FOX Tokens

Log in with your verified account and connect a wallet to the platform to claim your FOX Tokens. Once you have FOX Tokens in your ShapeShift Platform wallet, you’ll automatically get free trading on $10 of trade volume per token every 30 days. The wallet must be connected and the discount is auto-applied to each trade. You can see how much you’re saving on each trade in your trade transaction details.

Get FOX Tokens

ShapeShift doesn’t sell FOX yet, but let us know if you’re interested in getting more.

Great Rates Guaranteed

There’s usually fine print whenever you hear the word free, which is why it’s important you see for yourself that you’re getting the most competitive rates. Compare our rates against other top crypto exchanges to see exchange rates in real-time.

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ShapeShift Platform Benefits

In order to enjoy free trading, you need to connect a wallet to the ShapeShift Platform. The platform is a powerful crypto management tool that supports software and hardware wallet options.

  • Create a new wallet or connect your KeepKey, Ledger, or Trezor
  • Track your portfolio performance through a powerful dashboard
  • Trade crypto for free with over a thousand asset pairs when you hold FOX Tokens
  • Buy crypto with your U.S. debit card or bank account
  • Send, receive, and hold your digital assets without giving up custody

Sign Up Now for FOX Sake

Join the ShapeShift fox den and start taking advantage of commission free trading. Diversify your portfolio quickly, easily, and, most importantly, affordably. Break free from high exchange rates by holding FOX Tokens and trading on the ShapeShift Platform.