You know they’re out there — Scammers, hackers, thieves. There are plenty of bad actors in this space who are trying to take control of your crypto. Even knowing this, most crypto users still don’t take the precautions needed to stay safe. It’s time for a security overhaul, and we’re here to show you how the new ShapeShift Platform will do just that.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

If you’re in this space you likely don’t trust willy nilly. Neither do we. There are so many wallet options out there, how do you figure out the safest choice for your crypto?

Ask these three questions to determine if your wallet is secure:

  1. Is it an exchange?
  2. Does it control your keys for you?
  3. Does it connect to the internet?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve got a serious security vulnerability. Namely, you’re not even in control of your crypto. And isn’t that the entire point of a trustless financial system anyways? What would Satoshi say?

Our new platform is compatible with hardware security. Protected by KeepKey, Ledger, and Trezor wallets — so you can rest assured your keys (and reputation) are safe.

Platform update: You can now easily create a wallet in seconds with our Portis integration.

The People Have Spoken: The Solution Is Cold Storage

Now hear us out. We know cold storage has never been sexy. It’s difficult to use, clunky and has very limited functionality.

The tiny screens leave you wishing that you had a little something more and you don’t want to plug it in every time you want to check your balance. So it gets dusty in your drawer, good only to hodl, not even heavy enough for a paperweight.

That’s why we took matters into our own hands.

Presenting a Better, Safer, & New Alternative

For the first time, hardware security meets a crypto toolkit coupled with a beautiful interface. And damn, it’s a match made in heaven. With the new ShapeShift Platform, your private keys remain entirely offline and in your control. Buying, selling, and hodling have never been easier.

It’s about time cold storage is both approachable and accessible. Plug in your KeepKey or Trezor (Ledger coming soon) and see how far hardware wallets have come.

👏 Go Non-Custodial 👏

Exchanges that hold your funds are not safe. It’ll never happen to me… said literally everyone — right before something bad happens to them.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely aware of the inherent risks associated with keeping your crypto on an exchange. We get it. Exchanges are easy, they have the most functionality — so some will value convenience over security.

We’re not here to lecture you. We’re here to give you something better.

By using ShapeShift’s trading functionality and without sacrificing control, you can easily trade one crypto for any of the 50+ assets we support — directly in the platform. Financial sovereignty is at the center of our ethos, and we’re doing everything possible to put the power back in your hands.

Need more crypto?

Use your bank account to buy crypto through our platform’s integration with Wyre. Automatically deposit the funds onto your hardware device, ensuring it’s secured every step of the way. Even better, you can ditch your fiat knowing you’re getting the best rate in the industry — our fees are less than 1%.

Securely Track Your Portfolio — Anywhere

Mobile friendly wallets are popular because of our extremely ::cough:: unhealthy ::cough:: dependency on staying connected. It’s no surprise that so many people in crypto are forgoing security best practices for this convenience.

Don’t worry — we’ve got that covered too. Track your portfolio performance in real-time without exposing your funds or plugging in your hardware wallet. With our web-based interface, you’re able to check your balances anywhere that you can access the internet.

And with real-time market data thanks to CoinCap, you can be confident your portfolio is accurate.

Over to You

If your security is lacking (or even non-existent) it’s time to do something about it. Protect your crypto by making these important changes: offline key management, noncustodial trading, and portfolio tracking that’s not connected to your funds.

Stop enabling hackers and start stonewalling them with the ShapeShift Platform. We’ve combined security, control, and ease-of-use into one beautiful interface.

Create your ShapeShift Account for free and start forging a safer, empowered future. Self-sovereignty begins here.

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