Miner Fees

With ShapeShift, what you see is what you get. The exchange rate shown is exactly what you’ll receive, minus only the “miner fee.” There is no exchange fee, or service fee.

Minimum Refund Amount: As per our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to return failed transactions that are valued less than the posted miner fee. Deposits under the posted miner fee are too small to be refunded due to the mining fee and administrative costs. ShapeShift will not refund any assets that are worth less than the posted miner fee amount.

Extraction Fee: Digital assets sent to the incorrect address (e.g., GNT sent to an ETH address) will be charged an extraction fee equivalent to 50 EUR denominated in the mis-sent asset using then-current exchange rates. PLEASE NOTE: If your order fails and you have provided us with a return address, we do deduct the miner fee from your auto-returned transaction.