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A free open source platform to trade, track, buy, and earn. Community-owned. Private. Non-custodial. Multi-chain. 

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🎉 Farming Rewards Extended!

Earn 100% APR*

Start farming your ETH-FOX liquidity pool tokens and earn!

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*This is an estimated APR calculated based on the current amount of FOX-ETH-UNIV2 LP tokens staked in the ShapeShift rewards contract

750+ cryptocurrencies
supported across 11 blockchains.

Secure and non-custodial

Safely send, receive, buy, trade and
store your crypto.

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Instantly trade crypto.
No ID required. No added fees.

Why trade anywhere else

First of its kind cross-chain swaps powered by 0x and THORChain. 1000s of trade pairs.

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$6 billion

Lifetime trade volume

7.5 million

Trades on mobile & web


Monthly active users


Wallets registered

$2.5 billion

Assets held by users

Unlike centralized custodians that hold your funds, with ShapeShift you’re always in control of your crypto

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Get started with our secure mobile wallet. Packed with great features—perfect for novices and advanced users.

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FOX Token

ShapeShift has its own token — FOX Token. It comes with some amazing super powers. The more you have, the more you get rewarded.

FOX Farming

Earn up to 750% APR* on your FOX Tokens

FOX Fuel

Gas fees suck. FOX helps!


You could win crypto just by holding FOX Tokens

Free FOX

Get FOX back on every trade you make!

Governance Benefits

FOX Token holders shape the future of ShapeShift

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Participate in the DAO

Participate in the ShapeShift DAO and help forge the path ahead. Follow on Twitter for updates, join the Discord to contribute, and discuss governance proposals on the FOX Forum.

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