The Non-Custodial Blockchain Wallet that Makes Apps Simple for Everyone

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We obsessively seek out elegant abstractions that enable user-friendly, interoperable and flexible experiences.

Take your app from staging to production with just a few lines of code.

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Secure Email & Password Login

Offer your users a familiar experience by signing in with just an email and password. Their private key is self-custodial and encrypted client-side, yet accessible from any device.

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Direct Purchase

No Crypto? No Problem!

Grow your app and boost conversions by accepting credit and debit cards worldwide, and give your users a familiar checkout experience when signing transactions. Users can obtain and send a variety of cryptocurrencies in minutes, with minimal KYC - no need to upload any government IDs.

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Gas Relay

User Friendly Transactions

Sponsor your users gas fees and let them automatically confirm transactions in your app.

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Gas Relay

Multi Blockchain Support

A single Portis account will allow your users to interact with multiple blockchains:

Ethereum • Bitcoin • EOS • SKALE • Matic • Ubiq • Thundercore • RSK • POA • xDai • Fuse • Lightstreams

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