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Experience the multichain simplicity of converting fiat to crypto with ShapeShift's intuitive fiat ramp. ShapeShift makes it effortless to transition from your favorite fiat to digital assets. With a few clicks, navigate through our onramp aggregators quickly and easily.

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Our platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more! We are completely non-custodial, ensuring that you control your funds at all times. Simply connect to ShapeShift with your crypto wallet of choice or create a new ShapeShift multichain wallet to get started in seconds.

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OnRamper offers a fast, easy way to buy crypto, earn, and store your favorite digital assets through aggregating over 20 different on/off ramp solutions. Buy crypto with ease and always know you will get the most competitive rate. ShapeShift how you experience the best way to buy crypto today.

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ShapeShift works with the best fiat ramp providers in the world to always find you the best rates for your purchases no matter where you are. Experience Onramper, Banxa, Mt. Pelerin and over 50 different ramp solutions aggregated from around the world.

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What is ShapeShift

  • About Us
  • ShapeShift, established by Erik Voorhees in 2016, underwent a significant transformation into a DAO in 2021. It stands as the pioneering multichain DEX aggregator, integrating leading platforms such as THORChain, CoWSwap, 0x, LiFi, among others. Offering a seamless blend of a wallet and trading interface, ShapeShift empowers users with the capability to trade, earn, buy, sell, send, and receive a wide array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Dogecoin, and more. As a platform, ShapeShift champions the principles of permissionless access, trustless operations, privacy, and non-custodial asset management, providing users with a secure and autonomous digital currency management experienceClick here for more information.

How Do I use ShapeShift

  • Getting Started
  • Use ShapeShift anywhere you go. Simply head to, connect or create a wallet and get started! Mobile users can install the ShapeShift mobile application and connect or create a wallet.

What wallets are compatible with ShapeShift?

  • Compatible Wallets
  • ShapeShift supports 150+ different wallets including MetaMask, Ledger, xDeFi, WalletConnect, Coinbase, and Keplr! Head to to view some of the most popular wallets to use with ShapeShift.