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The ShapeShift DAO is an engaged community of builders actively working to advance the state of crypto trading, investing and access to open, decentralized financial systems. They come from diverse backgrounds to contribute—or simply observe and learn. Here is how you can participate:


Join the conversation! Discord is where our team communicates. Introduce yourself, give us feedback, find out how to contribute or just say hello!

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This is where we create discourse around new and existing proposals and share ideas involving development and governance, cultivating discussions about various topics.

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Got some developer skills? Check out our Github! We always welcome new contributors. Please also join one of our dev channels in Discord to say hello!

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Join boardroom to vote on current proposals. You and also view past proposal and vote results.

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Keep up with our Medium blog where we publish regular development and community updates with the latest and greatest.

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Check out presentations, interviews, AMAs and more on our Youtube Channel.

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