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Say 👋 to ShapeShift at ETHDenver, your new multichain home base!
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Grab a Beanie, a new look for your FOXatar and
enter to win 5,000 FOX tokens at ETHDenver!

A ShapeShift FOXatar and beanie for ETHDenver
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FOX token airdrop

How to Enter to win 5,000 FOX:

  • Claim your free & gasless Foxatar or manage your current one
  • Complete the ETHDenver FOXatar tasks
  • Download the ShapeShift mobile app
  • Share your FOXatar on Twitter and tag @ShapeShift
  • Opt-in to PUSH notifications
The winner of 5,000 Fox prize will be announced two weeks after the conclusion of ETHDenver. We will reach out via PUSH notification to inform the winner!
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The BEST multichain interface.

Trade 10,000+ native assets with the best rates across 13 chains.
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Your new multichain crypto homebase

ShapeShift, the original multichain exchange, is a leading omnichain crypto platform, and wallet, empowering users to buy, sell, hold, trade, borrow, and earn with their assets across 13+ chains. ShapeShift is community-owned, open-source, and self-custodial—ensuring that you will alway be in complete control over your crypto assets.

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ShapeShift FOX workstreams

Revolutionizing Crypto Borrowing: Cross-Chain Lending Simplified

Lend your Layer 1 assets like BTC and ETH and borrow assets across different chains using a USD-denominated debt with groundbreaking terms:

✅ Zero Interest: Say goodbye to hefty interest rates.
✅ No Liquidations: Your collateral is safu.
✅ No Expiry: Keep your loan for as long as you like.

Whether you're an experienced DeFi user or just starting to explore the exciting world of blockchain, ShapeShift Lending offers a revolution in ease and security.

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Native Cross-chain swaps with THORChain!

THORChain is a network that facilitates native asset settlement between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cosmos Hub, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin without bridges or wrapped assets. Swap or earn with THOR + more from the comfort of your favorite non-custodial defi wallet on 一 ours is the ShapeShift Native Wallet

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ShapeShift, your new multichain home base! Get started today👇

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