FOX Power

HODL your FOX Tokens for tons of benefits.

NOTE: FOX Token benefits are subject to change, as determined by FOX Token holders.

Earn 92% APR* on your FOX

Providing liquidity into the FOX-ETH pool. Then stake your LP tokens on ShapeShift to earn FOX bonus rewards.

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FOX Governance

Help shape the future of finance. FOX Tokens give you voting power over the ShapeShift DAO.

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Fox Fuel

High Gas Fees? FOX can help!

10% of the value of your FOX Tokens can be repaid to you each month for gas costs on trades. With enough FOX Tokens, this can potentially offset all of your gas costs on trades. FOX Fuel replenishes 30 days after it's used.

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Win Crypto by holding FOX

With our Rainfall Rewards program, every time a user trades crypto, a random user with FOX tokens wins a USDC reward. The more FOX tokens you have, the higher your chances are of winning!

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Earn FOX Tokens just by trading

Trade whenever, or however much you want — with no middle man, and no added fees. Plus you’ll earn FOX Tokens on every trade you make.

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*Based on awarding 15,768,000 FOX over the next 3 months to liquidity providers who stake FOX-ETH-UNIv2 LP tokens. This estimate is based on the current amount of FOX-ETH-UNIv2 LP tokens staked in the rewards contract.