It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to gather with the ones you love and take this opportunity to spread the good word of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the vision of a decentralized future. If you’re shopping for a Bitcoin OG, a crypto newb, or simply a tech-savvy family member — we‘ve got your back. Cozy up by the crackling fire, grab your hot cocoa and get inspired by our 2019 Crypto Holiday Gift Guide.

🎁 What’s inside our 2019 Crypto Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

– Clothing
– Books and Education
– Collector Items
– Security Enhancements
– Home Decor
– For the Kids
– Holiday Swag

Give Them Crypto Style

They don’t have to be well-versed in crypto to appreciate these stylish pieces. Try out these gifts for practically anyone on your shopping list.

Brave Browser Sweater

This Brave sweater will be a prized gift for privacy lovers or anyone looking to cozy up this winter. The color scheme and lion logo are eye-catching enough to satisfy even the trendiest fashionista. Find more crypto sweaters at HodlMoon.

Crypto Conference Socks

Cute, cozy, and colorful socks are a great gift for your Secret Santa this year. Why not grab them a pair of these amazing Bufficorn socks? You don’t have to attend ETHDenver to score these bad boys, check out ETHDenver’s shop.

Digibyte Fan Sweatshirt

If you have a Digibyte fan on your shopping list, you can’t go wrong with this classic logo sweatshirt. They can represent DGB in style and it’s a great conversation starter too!

Powered by Ethereum Tote Bag

They’re quirky, they’re artsy, and they love Ethereum. This tote bag lets your favorite Ethereum lover show their support on the go while showcasing their unique style.

In Crypto We Trust Shirt

This t-shirt is so cute and trendy that the VSCO girl on your shopping list will adore it. She doesn’t have to know about crypto to spread the word on Instagram. Don’t forget to ask for a tag in her selfie!

The Gift of Knowledge

Sometimes the best gift you could give is knowledge. Help the newbs learn more about Bitcoin and Ethereum, or give the longtime crypto lover more insight into digital currency.

Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

This book is a great starting point for someone who is interested in crypto or new technologies. Digital Gold walks us through the early days of Bitcoin, some of its key players, and how this technology is changing the world. Buy it here.

Off The Chain Newsletter

A subscription to Anthony Pompliano’s newsletter is a thoughtful gift for the forward-thinking investor or entrepreneur on your shopping list. Let them learn from one of the top minds in crypto. Sign up.

Mastering Ethereum by Andreas Antonopoulos

Written by one of the most well-known and respected figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, this is a great read for the more advanced crypto user or developer. Buy it here.

The Basics of Blockchain: Ethereum, Bitcoin, & More

An online course like this is a great gift for the crypto curious or the traditional finance lover. Learn the basics of blockchain technology from TED speaker Bettina Warburg.

For the Collector

Try gifting something fun this year like crypto collectibles. Cool enough to spark the interest of any tech fan and a great intro to blockchain technology.

OpenSea Collectibles

Consider NFTs as holiday gifts this year. Purchase Decetraland virtual real estate for your brother (who lives in your mom’s basement) or SuperRare art for your hard-to-shop-for hipster cousin. These gifts are certainly one of a kind.


Your aunt is known for being a “crazy cat lady” — why not introduce her to collecting and breeding digital cats? Watch her face light up when she gets her first furrever friend.

Vinyl Figurines from CryptoKaiju

Bitcoin fan or not, the toy collector will be proud to adorn their display case with these colorful, high-quality Bitcoin and CryptoKitty vinyl figures. They look deceptively cute, all while planting the idea of a cashless society.

Cool Crypto Home Decor

Does someone you know need to upgrade their living space? These decor items are perfect for the crypto obsessed or someone looking to make their home more unique.

Bitcoin Raccoon Art Print

If you want to get something cute and on-trend this year, look no further. Woodland creatures are all the rage and this raccoon print is the perfect gift for a serious Bitcoiner or even a no-coiner.

Ask Me About Bitcoin Mug

Have a friend that needs a little push to get the conversation going? Fuel their caffeine addiction, while giving them an opportunity to introduce Bitcoin to their coworkers. Simply fill with coffee and let the good times roll.

Glitter Bitcoin Phone Case

Do you know someone who is constantly checking the BTC charts on their phone? Give them something else to fixate on with this glitter Bitcoin smartphone case. Breathe, be calm, and watch the glitter slowly fall.

Bitcoin Shower Curtain

Bitcoin hodlers need a shower curtain that will leave them feeling refreshed. This will help them keep their eyes on the prize, wash those hodler tears down the drain, and focus on the long game.

For the Kiddos

Introduce the kids to Bitcoin this year. Gather around the fire to talk about the current banking system and the potential for a trustless, decentralized future. It’s time to stop collecting fiat in your piggy bank and start stacking sats kids.

Bitcoin Money by The Bitcoin Rabbi

Get them started early! The little entrepreneur on your list will love this illustrated children’s book that introduces the question: Why Bitcoin?

Ethereum Baby Bib

Your little one can represent your favorite coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin with a cotton crypto baby bib. On the flipside, grab one with your least favorite coin and see what happens…

Buy Crypto Baby Onesie

Is your favorite baby sick and tired of the FED? Let them show the world (and other babies) how they really feel about the regulated banking system and spread the adoption of crypto in this baby onesie.

Bitcoin Princess Pillow

Anyone can be a fiat princess, but only the most woke child will appreciate this pillow. She’s girly, she loves naps and she questions paper currency — she’s a Bitcoin princess.

🎁 Crypto Holiday Gear Just for You

You’ve been nice this year, why not treat yourself to some crypto holiday swag?

Bitcoin Christmas Gift Sweater

Set your friends and family straight with a sweatshirt that gets to the point. All you want is Bitcoin. Now, next year, and for every holiday to come.

Crypto Tree Ornaments

It’s not too late to deck your tree with ornaments that represent your most beloved cryptocurrencies. These will add that extra sparkle and cheer that you need to make it through the holiday season.

CryptoKitties Christmas Mug

‘Tis the season! Proudly watch the kiddos open their gifts on Christmas morning while sipping coffee from this festive CryptoKitties mug.

Litecoin Christmas Journal

Jot down your personal wish list for Santa in this holiday-themed Litecoin hardcover journal. You never know — Santa could leave you LTC bags under the tree.

🎁 That’s a Wrap

We hope you found what you were looking for in our 2019 Crypto Holiday Gift Guide! Need even more ideas? Check out these Bitcoin and crypto holiday gift guides from Brekkie von Bitcoin and Coinbound.

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