is moving quickly, and if your goals revolve around finances this year, there’s a simple way to refresh your resolution and save more. Whether you’re looking to get started with bitcoin for the first time, or are diversifying your portfolio and exploring altcoins, there are important tools that will help you keep more of your crypto.

How to Buy Crypto Without Paying High Fees

From anyone that’s just getting started in the space to the crypto OGs, an affordable and easy way to buy crypto is essential. The most common solution is using a large exchange to purchase crypto. However, due to the custodial nature of these services, you won’t actually have ownership of your recently purchased crypto. Exchanges hold your funds for you, thereby putting them at risk in case of a hack. Because of this, buying and holding your crypto while you control your private keys is important, but it limits the options available to buy crypto.

A great solution with very competitive fees is Wyre, a fiat onramp provider available to U.S. customers at this time. We’ve worked together to lower the rates from 3.5% to 1.9%, making it easy and affordable to buy bitcoin and Ethereum with your debit card.

Buy Crypto With Your Debit Card: Fees Under 2%

  1. Create a new software wallet in seconds or connect your hardware wallet to the ShapeShift Platform.
  2. Click “Buy Crypto” at the top of your dashboard — no verification needed.
  3. Click “Use Debit Card” and choose what cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  4. Enter your debit card information.
  5. Confirm your purchase & your crypto will be deposited within seconds.

Trade Crypto Confidently — For Free

Curious about a new token you’ve heard about? Feel like that coin your friend is strong on might actually be going to the moon? Maybe you’re a firm believer in a token’s utility and protocols. Whatever the reason, trading one crypto for another is a crucial element for many crypto users, but it can feel overwhelming when there are so many services out there. That’s why we made trading free with our ERC-20 token FOX.

At ShapeShift, we’re leading the charge in the crypto industry by eliminating fees, spread, and commission from our trading rates. Our free trading sets us apart from any other crypto trading platform, not to mention you remain in control of your private keys.

Compare Our Rates

We want to empower our users with self-custody, free trading and transparent rates. Unlike other “free” trading crypto platforms that sell order flows or make money from holding a user’s assets in custody, your information and funds remain in your control. While trading is commission free, standard network miner fees still apply to each trade. With just one login, you can trade between over 1,000 asset pairs like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DigiByte, and easily stay on top of the market — and finally get that altcoin your friend won’t stop talking about.

Be Thrifty With Your Crypto

Don’t let your resolution to focus on your finances be forgotten. It’s time to stop wasting money on high fees for buying and trading crypto. Be confident you’re getting the best rates when you let ShapeShift take the stress and the fees out of your crypto journey.