ShapeShift Beta Compatibility

For this release, KeepKey users have the option of upgrading their firmware so it is compatible with the New ShapeShift Platform — now in closed beta. By doing this upgrade, KeepKey users will not have to update their firmware when they are invited to closed beta or when the new ShapeShift Platform transitions to open beta. This firmware update also works with the current KeepKey client.

Ability to Downgrade Firmware

In this release, we’ve also given users the ability to downgrade their firmware to v5.10.2. For our KeepKey users that have had issues with their KeepKey being detected by the KeepKey client (particularly Windows 7 users), this will give them the ability to downgrade to a non-U2F/WebUSB supported firmware in order to address the detection problem. If you do choose to downgrade, the v5.10.2 firmware will not be compatible with the new ShapeShift Platform and you will have to upgrade to v6.1.0 in the future if you want to use your KeepKey with the ShapeShift Platform.

Important: If you choose to downgrade your firmware, this will wipe your KeepKey. Please make sure you have your recovery seed phrase available before downgrading your firmware because you will need it to recover your KeepKey after downgrading. If you are not familiar with how to recover your KeepKey, here is a help article with instructions on how to:

Miscellaneous Updates and Bug Fixes

New Features (firmware only)

  • ERC20 ‘approve(addr,uint256)’ support.
  • Removed PinCaching policy.
  • Recovery sentence testing.
  • New welcome screen for uninitialized devices.
  • Add :lock: / :unlock: icons to the home screen.
  • Dockerized Emulator.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fix for RDP1 glitched downgrade attack. This is also known as the vulnerability.
  • Replaced QR encoder with a different library.
  • Fixes for U2F/WebAuthN flakiness (usb).
  • Change bcdUSB to 0x0201 from 0x0210.

Questions or concerns? Please reach out to ShapeShift support.