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With our mission to become the single source app for all things DeFi, we are excited to continue expanding our support for various digital assets and chains, allowing even more people to participate in self-sovereign finance.

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Avalanching to More Chains With ShapeShift

App.shapeshift.com is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all things DeFi. From being able to connect to our app with 200+ wallets (including Metamask, WalletConnect, and xDefi), to having the ability to buy and sell with the industry’s leading on and off ramps一now, it has never been easier to use Avalanche seamlessly alongside some of your favorite chains.

With this Avalanche integration, ShapeShift is one step closer to intergrating all chains, all protocols, all wallets.

ShapeShift Integrates Pendo

ShapeShift is taking user experience to the next level, guiding and engaging our users at the right moments, leading to better feature engagement and higher user retention. We have created a new “opt-in” version of our web app incorporating Pendo—an analytics tool for tracking, analyzing and creating guided user journeys. These metrics will allow the DAO to determine where improvements can be made and allow us to measure the success of our products. The partnership with Pendo allows ShapeShift to continue to stay true to its ethos: respecting the privacy of its users while delivering the best digital experience.

Read our medium article about integrating Pendo.

Popular UTXO-Based Coins—Doge, LTC and BCH—on the ShapeShift App!

We are excited to announce support for Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on our open source, free, no KYC web app. Our users wanted us to enable these assets on our web app, and we listened. You can now send and receive these cryptocurrencies by simply connecting your favorite wallet and transacting with these popular UTXO-based cryptocurrencies, among thousands of other in-demand assets.

Our medium article describes all the details about the Doge, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash integration.


Request for additional allocation of FOX tokens to the TMDC

Total Proposed Budget: New total allocation of 180 Million FOX

  • The current ShapeShift DAO treasury’s available holdings of FOX amount to 125 M FOX and this proposal is requesting an additional 60 Million FOX asset control.
  • The TMDC was established for a trial period in SCP-36 in Nov 2021 and subsequently continued on an indefinite basis by SCP-62 in Feb 2022. SCP-36 authorized the TMDC to advise over the initial 60M FOX tokens to carry out its mandate.
  • Upon nearing the exhaustion of the initial allotment (60M FOX SCP-36), SCP-77 requested a renewed, similar allotment of 60M FOX tokens (with the new total of 120M FOX tokens under TMDC allocation) to carry on its mandates.
  • The TMDC may again exhaust its allotment of FOX from SCP-36 and SCP-77.

Increasing DappBack Funding

Total Proposed Budget: $70,000 worth of FOX

  • After working with DappBack successfully for two months and seeing significant traction and results from their Level 1 and Level 2 rewards for users in our online presence and engagement, additional funding is being requested to fund a more interactive Level 3 on chain task version of these rewards. This tier would open new options.
  • Users could complete actions such as buy and stake FOX on app.shapeshift.com and DappBack would then be able to reward users in FOX tokens upon verifying the completion of those tasks.
  • These added Level 3 rewards will help the DAO drive more users to the app and encourage user app interaction (to gather customer data, more user experience insights, and drive revenues.

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