We're excited to share that ShapeShift is with Gitcoin, a move that highlights our dedication to fostering the growth of open-source public goods within the Web3 ecosystem. This partnership reflects our belief in the power of community-driven projects and the essential role of decentralized innovation that Gitcoin grants help support.

What is a Public Good?

Public goods and Web3 might seem worlds apart, but they are closely linked.

In the Web3 context, public goods are resources that everyone can access and no one can be excluded from using. ShapeShift dApp exemplifies this through its decentralized, open-source software that anyone can use, modify, and improve. This openness is critical for ongoing innovation in the Web3 space, providing a base for new applications and technologies.

Open-Source Challenges

Running and developing open-source projects like ShapeShift requires significant commitment and resources. It relies on the continuous effort of a global community of developers and enthusiasts passionate about keeping the digital world open and decentralized. Funding is one of the biggest challenges faced by such platforms. That’s where Gitcoin Grants come in, providing essential financial support that allows these platforms to keep operating and innovating freely.

Gitcoin's Innovative Funding Approach

Gitcoin not only supports fundraising through donations but also implements a quadratic matching program that uniquely distributes funds based on community backing. To engage in this matching, donors need a Gitcoin Passport with a score of 15 or higher. The Gitcoin Passport is a decentralized digital identity tool that ensures each participant is unique and not gaming the system.

Why Public Goods Matters

At ShapeShift, we embody what it means to be a decentralized public good. Our platform supports transactions, trading, and tracking across several chains for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, all without users needing to trust a centralized authority with their funds. Support from Gitcoin Grants and our user community helps us maintain and enhance this service.

With Gitcoin’s help, we're not just running a platform; we're nurturing an ecosystem that prioritizes open access and community engagement. Supporting decentralized public goods is about more than just technology—it’s about crafting a future where tech serves everyone equally and openly.

We’re thrilled to continue our work with Gitcoin and hope you’ll join us in this journey. Whether you’re using ShapeShift, contributing directly to our platform, or getting involved with Gitcoin Grants, you’re helping shape an inclusive and innovative digital landscape. A new Gitcoin Grants round is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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