The true opt-in experience incorporating Pendo - an analytics tool for tracking, analyzing and creating guided user journeys.

ShapeShift is excited to announce the launch of “Alpha”, a new version of our open-source web app that provides analytics and user input to the DAO so that we can continue to provide the best user experience. This new version utilizes Pendo and allows ShapeShift to offer an all-in-one platform for tracking, analyzing, and creating guided user journeys. This is a truly opt-in version of the ShapeShift you know and love. Users have the choice to participate in the alpha version to help us learn how to serve them better, and in turn, they will gain helpful resources to navigate the DeFi landscape as well as early access to new features. No personal identifiable information will ever be tracked.

Community Compromise

Analytics are extremely important for any software application provider to evolve the user experience and inform product decisions. Yet, ShapeShift has a firm commitment to ensuring user privacy—one that we highly respect. After lengthy discussions and feedback from the community, an idea was born. We are now providing two versions of our new open-source web app: one called “Alpha” (the true, “opt-in” experience) and the fully “Private” version that collects no data of any kind (and is used by the majority of our users).

Integrating Pendo into “Alpha” will help us answer product-related questions so that quick and targeted improvements and any friction points addressed within the app can be made. The two versions are clearly labelled for the users with two different URLs, causing no confusion as to the differences between the two. If the user visits, they will be prompted to choose whether they wish to opt-in or opt-out of sharing data. In exchange for opting in to sharing anonymized usage metrics, users will receive earlier access to features.

Rest assured, unless a user chooses to opt-in to our analytics version through, they will continue to use the ShapeShift platform with complete privacy.

The Best User Experience and Access to User Resources

Users that opt in to “Alpha” will gain additional access to guided user onboarding journeys, feature walk-throughs, and a comprehensive user resource section一with more features to come. This educational content will help new users safely navigate the DeFi and crypto ecosystem. 

The analytics Pendo derives can be shared across the DAO and help align workstreams—from product, marketing, and customer support teams—with product-led strategies. With no specialized skills required to operate, any team within the DAO can access the same product data and unlock product insights to further tailor our product to our users.

Measuring Success

ShapeShift is taking user experience to the next level, guiding and engaging our users at the right moments, leading to better feature engagement and higher user retention. In turn, these metrics will allow the DAO to determine where improvements can be made and allow us to measure the success of our products. The partnership with Pendo allows ShapeShift to continue to stay true to its ethos: respecting the privacy of its users while delivering the best digital experience. 

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