ShapeShift is shapeshifting the way users can interact with native BTC, UTXO,  EVM, and Cosmos assets forever in their MetaMask with the release of our ShapeShift MultiChain Snap. 

Let’s get straight to the point: MetaMask wallet users can buy, sell, track, trade, earn, send, and receive native Bitcoin, Doge, Atom and more on

As you know, historically, MetaMask users have only been able to use EVM chains. This limited chain support on one of the most widely used wallets has frustrated crypto enthusiasts since its very inception, resulting in users having to find other solutions such as our native ShapeShift wallet. Now, once a MetaMask user installs the ShapeShift Multichain snap, they will be able to interface with a plethora of new assets and chains including BTC, BCH, ATOM, DOGE, ETH, LTC, OSMO, RUNE, and others一effectively creating the most accessible and versatile wallet experience. Ever.  With the ShapeShift Multichain snap, MetaMask users add access to 11 chains and native interaction with over 10,000 assets on

Want to get the best rates when you swap? Now, MetaMask users can enjoy cross-chain swapping with the best rates by utilizing our newly added THORChain streaming swaps. Basically, you wait a little longer for your swap to execute across many blocks and get CEX-like exchange rates across EVM, ETXO, and Cosmos. Read more about streaming swaps here.

 As a community-owned application, our mission is to provide the crypto ecosystem with the most versatile and inclusive access to buy, sell, track, trade, send, receive, and earn on any chain they want. Being the first protocol to leverage this new technology and wrap it into such a smooth experience, we are able to make that a reality for over 30 million monthly active MetaMask users.

What is MetaMask and MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask is one of the largest digital wallet providers in the Web3 ecosystem; currently boasting over 20 million dollars daily in swaps.  

MetaMask Snaps run in an isolated environment and are essentially plugins for MetaMask—allowing users to customize their wallet experience and extend the basic functionality of the MetaMask wallet. Metamask Snaps are decentralized, trustless systems that allow anyone to safely expand the capabilities of MetaMask. A "Snap" is a program that can customize the wallet experience. For example, a Snap can add new APIs to MetaMask, add support for different blockchain protocols, or modify existing functionality using internal APIs. Essentially, Snaps are a new way to create revolutionary Web3 end-user experiences by modifying MetaMask in ways that were impossible before. It will allow users to choose to interact with any blockchain technology accessible provided the developers for said technology build a Snap.

ShapeShift’s Multichain Snap

Lead by one of our DAO engineers, who goes by pseudonym Pasta Ghost, and accompanied by the core engineering team,  the ShapeShift Snap was worked on quietly and behind the scenes for over a year. It was super hard to keep our excitement contained but we somehow managed! 

ShapeShift’s Multichain Snap offers MetaMask users a multichain experience for the first time while continuing to propagate the ethos of ShapeShift DAO through creating a decentralized, safe, community-built, and open-source environment. Our Snap allows users to make cross-chain swaps on the following chains: BTC, BCH, ATOM, DOGE, ETH, AVA, LTC, RUNE, and more. ShapeShift’s Multichain Snap places MetaMask users in the best position to become true multichain chads. The ShapeShift Multichain Snap does not, and will not, ever store any personally identifiable information or cost users anything extra一thats right, it's completely free to use and takes less than a minute to unlock this functionality!

Going forward, we have plans to continue to maintain our Snap as an open-source project with the intention that external developers will use it as inspiration to integrate new protocols一expanding the reach of the products and opportunities available to all MetaMask users worldwide. Check out how to add our Snap to your MetaMask wallet here.

Audits and Security

Since we were one of the first protocols to build into Snaps, we were able to work alongside the MetaMask team and have our Snap audited by Consensys一MetaMask’s parent company一as part of our partnership.

Changing How we Interact with Web3. Forever.

No longer does a MetaMask user need a separate wallet or service provider to gain access to BTC, DOGE, ATOM, or other UTXO tokens. ShapeShift has unlocked the future of a truly crosschain reality for over 30 million MetaMask users一and we couldn’t be more excited. Other protocols and DAOs are encouraged to use our Snap as a launching pad and inspiration to continue to build the wallet experience of the future一one that empowers users around the world toward an inclusive, safe and accessible Web3 experience. 

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