While decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) aren’t precisely new, they continue to gain momentum in not only the blockchain industry, but others where their flexible, community-centric model is well-suited.

This heightened interest and adoption could be well spotted at Camp Ethereal 2022, the eighth edition of the Ethereal Summit held in Jackson Hole, Wyo., March 9-11, 2022. The annual retreat, sponsored by ConsenSys Mesh and Decrypt, hosts talks and roundtable interviews around Ethereum, blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralization. Hot on the heels of ETHDenver, it has become a top industry event attended by some of the most notable influencers in the industry. 

Edward Snowden joined by teleconference and addressed the value of permissionless finance in today’s fast-changing globalized environment. Additional speakers included notable names from Decrypt and ConsenSys (including Dan Roberts, Decrypt Editor in Chief and Ethereum co-founder/ConsenSys founder and CEO Joe Lubin), Matt Medved from NFT Now, Lynsey Dyer (professional skier and founder of Unicorn Picnic), congressional candidates from Ohio and Oregon Matthew Diemer and Matt West (respectively), Sam Bankman Fried (founder and CEO of FTX), and an array of other blockchain technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

Diving Deeper into the DAO: ShapeShift DAO’s Kent Barton Talks to Decrypt

Kent Barton, ShapeShift’s Tokenomics lead and former head of research and development of centralized ShapeShift, was interviewed by Decrypt’s Dan Roberts live on stage. Together with Jordan Garbis, co-founder of BeetsDAO, the three explored the challenges, opportunities, structures, and use cases of DAOs. From initially structuring a DAO to growing them, building in tokenomics and rewards, and handling disputes, Kent and Jordan had experienced insights to share with Decrypt. Watch the recorded interview:

Learning More About DAOs

Camp Ethereal provided attendees with ongoing education on many aspects of the industry that are evolving so rapidly, even seasoned professionals are challenged to keep up. DAOs are still relatively new in their evolutionary curve and are advancing so rapidly that many are developing new strategies and solutions every week to structure the best, most productive community organizations possible. 

And there will continue to be more to come. To learn more, we recommend following along on ShapeShift DAO’s Forum and Discord to see the types of proposals, activities, and discussions that occur daily to evolve a typical DAO.