ShapeShift has recently added THORChain liquidity pools to its lineup, giving people a new way to earn from their digital assets. This move lets anyone with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and more get involved in the liquidity market一potentially turning assets that don't usually earn extra into something that does. 

ShapeShift makes getting started easy: 

  • Head to
  • Connect a wallet with the assets you want to use
  • Find an opportunity from the "Pools" section
  • Start earning a passive yield!

It’s a Pool Party!

When you put your digital assets into one of ShapeShift's THORChain pools, you're essentially buying into that pool. This means you get a cut of the fees from the trades that happen there, proportional to the size of your slice of the pool. ShapeShift offers rewards that are based on THORChain swap fees, shared between RUNE and whatever other asset is in the pool. Your cut depends on how much of the pool you own, how much trading is happening, and the fees being charged for those trades. LPing is a great way to help your assets work a bit harder for you. 

ShapeShift is all about keeping things straightforward and ensuring that you are always in charge of your assets. No unnecessary steps, no bs一ever.

With ShapeShift, you can add to or pull out from pools whenever you want. It's all done without handing over control of your assets to anyone else. Your keys (and crypto) will always be yours. 

Pools that have a higher TVL (total value locked) tend to have lower generated fees, but often make up for it with more activity, which could mean more fees collected over time. Its always best to look at the different pools that ShapeShift supports to make sure you can optimize your assets yield generation!

Step-by-Step: Providing Liquidity

Here's a quick guide to get you started providing liquidity on THORChain:

1. Head to ShapeShift: Go to

2. Connect Your Wallet: Choose your wallet from the options available and connect it.

3. Find the Pools: Look for the “Pools” tab where you can see all the liquidity pools.

4. Choose a Pool and Add Liquidity: Select a pool to add to and follow the prompts to deposit your assets.

5. Confirm the Transaction: Make sure you've got enough gas for the transaction fee and confirm it.

6. You're Set: Once the transaction goes through, you're now a liquidity provider and will start passively earning on your crypto. 

Welcome to DeFi

ShapeShift makes it easy to get involved in liquidity pools. With a straightforward process from start to finish, it's a great way to earn from your crypto easily. Get started earning with assets that are just sitting idle in your wallet in as little as 5 clicks.

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