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  • Self-custodial
  • Private
  • Multichain trading
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FOX token airdrop

What is RUNE?

RUNE is the native token of Thorchain, a decentralized liquidity protocol that lets you swap assets across different blockchains without needing a middleman. RUNE is central to the Thorchain ecosystem, helping with liquidity, network security through staking, and making cross-chain transactions possible. It acts as a bridge between different assets, ensuring swaps are smooth and efficient.

RUNE holders can also get involved in governance and earn rewards by providing liquidity to the network. With its multichain features, RUNE is key to Thorchain's goal of creating a decentralized and interconnected financial system.

What Can I do with Rune?

Stack Rune and never let it go 🤝
Earn Rune passively and permissionlessly
Trade Rune with 10,000+ assets across 14 chains
Borrow Rune againstBitcoin and Ethereumwith 0% APY
Buy & Sale
Buy and sell Rune

Send & Receive
Send and receive Rune instantly
FOX token airdrop

ShapeShift RUNE Wallet

Easily connect your favorite Rune Wallet to ShapeShift.Need a Rune Wallet? Get started with the ShapeShift wallet today.

Easily view your Rune wallet address, Rune balance, and Rune transaction history, and the price of Rune in one simple interactive dashboard.

Hardware Wallet Support

Connect your KeepKey hardware wallet to ShapeShift and enjoy permissionless, private Rune.
Privately connect your Ledger directly to ShapeShift without the need for Ledger Live and enjoy permissionless Rune.

Powered by THORChain & Rune

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more  across 14 blockchains.
Continuous, real-time asset exchanges across multiple blockchains.
Trade Rune with 10,000+ assets across 14 chains
Borrow against Bitcoin and Ethereum with 0% interest, no expiration, or liquidation
Earn single sided yield Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Atom and more.
Stake FOX and earn Rune. The first cross-chain community incentive program.

rFOX: Stake FOX, Earn RUNE

Powered by ShapeShift’s THORChain affiliate fees, earn single-sided Rune yield when you stake FOX.

25% of all THORChain trading fees are paid to rFOX users every month.

FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop

Self-custodial RUNE: Redefined

When you ShapeShift your Rune, your keys and your crypto are always just that--yours!
Welcome to the most private interface for Rune.

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What is ShapeShift

  • About Us
  • ShapeShift, established by Erik Voorhees in 2016, underwent a significant transformation into a DAO in 2021. It stands as the pioneering multichain DEX aggregator, integrating leading platforms such as THORChain, CoWSwap, 0x, LiFi, among others. Offering a seamless blend of a wallet and trading interface, ShapeShift empowers users with the capability to trade, earn, buy, sell, send, and receive a wide array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Dogecoin, and more. As a platform, ShapeShift champions the principles of permissionless access, trustless operations, privacy, and non-custodial asset management, providing users with a secure and autonomous digital currency management experienceClick here for more information.

How Do I use ShapeShift

  • Getting Started
  • Use ShapeShift anywhere you go. Simply head to, connect or create a wallet and get started! Mobile users can install the ShapeShift mobile application and connect or create a wallet.

What wallets are compatible with ShapeShift?

  • Compatible Wallets
  • ShapeShift supports 150+ different wallets including MetaMask, Ledger, xDeFi, WalletConnect, Coinbase, and Keplr! Head to to view some of the most popular wallets to use with ShapeShift.