Confirm Wallet Backup

Confirm that you've backed up your ShapeShift Native Wallet's secret recovery phrase to stop receiving email reminders.

Easy Instructions for Backing Up Your Secret Recovery Phrase
One way to backup your wallet is to log in to the new and import your wallet.
1. Click “Connect Wallet” on
2. Select ShapeShift
3. Click “Log in” at the bottom of the modal and follow the instructions

Alternatively, follow these steps to access your seed phrase in the ShapeShift mobile app:
1. From your Dashboard, click the settings gear at the top right of your ShapeShift app
2. Under Account, click “Backup My Wallet”
3. Click the eye icon 👁️ at the bottom to view your Secret Recovery Phrase

Reminder: Make sure you have a copy of your secret recovery phrase saved in a private location. Never share it with anyone.

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