Compre com Pix, venda e invista sem taxas e sem KYC

Uma plataforma de código aberto e gratis para comprar, vender, monitorar e investir. ShapeShift é decentralizada, privada, nao custidial, multi-chain e gerenciada por sua comunidade.

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Compre com Pix, venda e invista sem taxas e sem KYC

A free open source platform to trade, track, buy, and earn. Community-owned. Private. Non-custodial. Multi-chain. 

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Yield Opportunity

Fox Farming

Deposit into the FOX-ETH liquidity pool. Then, farm your ETH-FOX liquidity pool tokens to earn passive income!

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Supported Wallets

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Use your favorite wallet with the ShapeShift web app. The list of supported wallets is growing all the time.


The FOX Token empowers the community

Help shape the future of ShapeShift! FOX Tokens give you the unique opportunity to help shape the organization, and the ability to submit and vote on proposals.

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Coders Wanted

The DAO is seeking talented engineers to join an engaged community of builders. This is a unique opportunity to build the next generation of crypto tools for customer financial sovereignty. DAO Engineers work in small, cross-functional teams, and experience a lot of variety, while still having the opportunity to develop expertise in areas of interest.

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