Frequently asked questions about ShapeShift

What is ShapeShift?

  • Founded in 2014 by Bitcoin veteran Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift is the only cryptocurrency trading platform offering zero-commission crypto trading and self-custody. ShapeShift.com allows users to buy crypto with fiat, trade, track, and secure their crypto through a simple and beautiful web interface. Users always stay in control of their keys. ShapeShift is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in London, UK, and Denver, Colorado.

Why should I use ShapeShift?

  • Because ShapeShift gives you zero-commission crypto trading and you always stay in control of your crypto private keys. We're the only crypto platform that offers this, and it's presented in a beautiful and easy web interface that you'll love.

What are the company’s Mission & Vision?

  • ShapeShift’s mission is to become the world’s most influential crypto company by building a digital asset platform that delights, protects, empowers, and inspires those around us. Our vision is a borderless financial system built on open, decentralized protocols.

What products are in the ShapeShift family?

What is the FOX token?

  • FOX is our loyalty token and allows users to trade for free on the ShapeShift Platform. Users that verify their accounts earn 100 FOX tokens. Each token held in a platform wallet gives that user $10 of free trade volume, every 30 days. While trading is commission free, standard network mining fees still apply to each trade. Learn more about FOX token

Where can I find support?

  • You can reach out to our support team 24 hours a day! We are always available to help via live chat or through a support ticket. Open a ticket
    here or use our live chat widget on our website.

Do I need to do KYC? Why?

  • You only need to verify your account to trade or buy crypto. If you don’t verify your account you can still send, receive, track, and hodl with the ShapeShift Platform.

Have you ever been hacked or lost customer funds?

  • ShapeShift has never lost customer funds, because unlike other exchanges, it doesn't hold customer funds. In 2016, ShapeShift was hacked by a rogue employee who sold company information to nefarious parties. Fortunately, ShapeShift’s self-custody model proved effective, and no consumer funds were at risk or lost. You can read a detailed account of this event from our Founder and CEO

How does ShapeShift trading compare to other exchanges?

  • ShapeShift uniquely offers free trading and a powerful platform to manage your crypto. Free means ShapeShift adds zero commission, spread, or transaction fees to our competitive trade rates. Additionally, we have pioneered the noncustodial model meaning we have never and will never have access to your private keys. Learn more about ShapeShift trading
    here. Compare trading rates here

Interested in purchasing FOX?

  • It's not for sale right now, but we'll let you know if that changes.
    Let us know if you are interested in FOX.

How do I verify that your social accounts and support are authentic? 

"The number of industries, communities, habits, traditions, and even interpersonal interactions that Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize is massive."

- Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift CEO