It’s been three awesome years since we teamed up with THORChain, and what a ride! This wasn’t just about adding another cool tool to our kit—it was about opening up a whole new world for crypto trading on our platform. Let’s take a moment to celebrate this milestone and peek into what’s coming next.

Celebrating Our Wins

Back in 2021, when we brought THORChain into the ShapeShift universe, we weren’t just tweaking things around—we were setting the stage for a total game changer. This integration meant you could swap major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum smoothly without the hassle of centralized exchanges. Nowadays, ShapeShift is now a top choice for users seeking the best THORChain experience ever.

Cool New Features You Gotta Check Out

We’re all about moving forward, and our latest features are here to make your DeFi journey even better:

  • Zero-fees for LPs under 2k: We’re super excited to let you dive into providing liquidity without any fees on deposits under $2,000 across all THORChain liquidity pools. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, we want everyone to get a piece of the action.
  • Liquidity Pools: We’ve been busy adding THORChain pools to the mix, which means more trading options and more ways to boost your earnings with the ShapeShift dApp.
  • Jump Into Lending: Check out THORChain Lending, where you can start borrowing ETH using your BTC as collateral, and vice versa. It’s a cool way to manage your assets and potentially grow your portfolio and 0% risk of liquidation. 
  • Enhanced Trading Experience: Trading on ShapeShift has never been smoother. With THORChain’s tech, we’ve made sure your trading is efficient, secure, and totally intuitive.
  • Even More to Explore: Don’t miss out on our Savers Vaults and the Streaming Swaps. There’s always something new to explore at ShapeShift.

Looking Ahead

Three years with THORChain has truly transformed our approach to DeFi. We’re not just sticking to the basics; we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and improve. The future looks bright, and we’re pumped to see where this partnership takes us next.

Big thanks to everyone in the ShapeShift and THORChain communities. Your energy and feedback help us keep improving and pushing limits. We’re stoked to keep growing with you and making DeFi accessible and beneficial for all.

Cheers to more adventures ahead!

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