Crypto is a global phenomenon, not bound by any city, party, or culture. It’s an invention that continues to shake the world, but where has it really taken root?

To help you understand this ecosystem on a global scale, we’ve compiled a list of some of 2019’s crypto hotspots — places where the crypto community is coming together and changing the world.


When it comes to crypto hotspots, Berlin is top of mind. You may have heard people call it the blockchain capital of Europe, for good reason. The city is home to over 100 blockchain startups and Berlin Blockchain Week. This year's Blockchain Week in August brought thousands from around the world for meetups, networking events, and conferences like Dappcon, Web3 Summit, and ETHBerlin.

Silicon Valley

As you may have suspected, Silicon Valley is a huge hub for crypto and blockchain tech. It’s home to crypto giants like Coinbase and Kraken, and cutting edge solutions like Wyre and Lightning Labs. Silicon Valley has also been host to events such as TokenFest, Bitcoin2019, and San Francisco Blockchain Week.

New York City

Although the BitLicense has hindered the growth of NYC’s crypto and blockchain industry, it’s still home to some of the biggest names in the crypto space. Companies like CoinDesk, Gemini, and ConSensys all call New York City home. NYC also hosts CoinDesk’s Consensus; one of the biggest and most highly anticipated crypto conferences of the year.


How can you mention cool crypto hubs without talking about Japan? This year Osaka will be hosting DevCon, the biggest Ethereum conference in the world. The fact that it’s happening in Osaka is a huge win for the city, but it shouldn't be a surprise. Japan may be the only country in the world that can keep up with the creative and quirky Ethereum community.


We may be a little biased on this one — Denver is a city that we at ShapeShift are very proud of. With the Rocky Mountains always in view, Denver is one of the best cities in the world for crypto and blockchain tech. Colorado is touted as one of the U.S. states with the most progressive legislation on crypto, making Denver a hub for crypto companies and up-and-coming conferences like ETHDenver and the Blockchain Training Conference.

Think we’ve missed somewhere special? What’s your favorite crypto-friendly city? Let us know!

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