Every year on May 22nd, crypto enthusiasts around the world celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. It marks the anniversary of the first-ever purchase made with Bitcoin: two pizzas bought for 10,000 BTC back in 2010. This legendary transaction not only highlighted Bitcoin's potential as a currency but also set the stage for its future.

The story begins with Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer and early Bitcoin miner, who on May 22, 2010, made history by completing the first real-world Bitcoin transaction. He posted on a Bitcoin forum, offering 10,000 BTC for two pizzas. A fellow forum member accepted, and the deal was done. Back then, 10,000 BTC was worth about $41. Today, those Bitcoins would be worth millions, showing how far Bitcoin has come.


Bitcoin Pizza Day is now celebrated globally with various events and activities. Crypto communities and companies host pizza parties to discuss Bitcoin's history and future. These gatherings are a great way for enthusiasts to bond over their shared passion for cryptocurrency while enjoying some delicious pizza. It's not uncommon for these events to include presentations, panel discussions, and even live music, creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates Bitcoin's journey.

Businesses, especially in the crypto space, offer special promotions and discounts, with some pizza places accepting Bitcoin payments. This is a nod to the original transaction and a way to promote the use of Bitcoin in everyday transactions, even some companies usually give away free slices or entire pizzas to customers paying with Bitcoin, making it a day of great deals and tasty treats. Charity events are also a significant part of Bitcoin Pizza Day, with funds raised in Bitcoin for various causes. These events highlight the philanthropic potential of cryptocurrency and often involve collaborations with local charities or global nonprofit organizations. It's a day where the community comes together not just to celebrate, but to give back.

Celebrate with us

Join us this Bitcoin Pizza Day for a special ShapeShift X Spaces event on Wednesday (Tomorrow) at 5 PM UTC. We'll be hosting Pizza DAO and friends for a fun  chat about Bitcoin Pizza Day, its significance, and what's new in the crypto world. Don't miss out—grab a slice and celebrate Bitcoin's journey with us. Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoiner or new to the scene, this event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn more about the history and future of Bitcoin, and enjoy some great conversations.

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