Integrating your Coinbase Wallet with ShapeShift is a seamless process that grants you access to a suite of decentralized finance operations. From THORChain lending to liquidity pools and decentralized trading一ShapeShift provides a comprehensive platform designed to support your financial independence through innovative crypto features with your Coinbase wallet and more. 

Below is a detailed guide on how to connect your Coinbase Wallet to ShapeShift and an overview of some key functionalities you can take advantage of once you're set up.

Connecting to ShapeShift

To begin, navigate to This is the main portal where you can engage with various decentralized finance activities through a straightforward web interface. Look for the “Connect Wallet” button on the ShapeShift platform, click on it, and choose “Coinbase Wallet” from the list of available options. You will need to follow the on-screen prompts to allow ShapeShift access to your wallet. This authorization process is designed with your security in mind, ensuring that you maintain full control over your crypto and private keys.

Utilizing ShapeShift’s Features

Once your wallet is connected to ShapeShift, you unlock a host of features designed to enhance your crypto experience:

Thorchain Lending: This option allows you to permissionlessly borrow against Bitcoin or Ethereum with 0% APR and no liquidation risk.

Liquidity Pools: Contribute to the smoothness of decentralized trading while earning a share of the transaction fees.

Streaming Swaps: ShapeShift’s streaming swaps provide a novel way to trade between different cryptocurrencies. This feature ensures that your swaps are executed over a period of time, potentially minimizing risks associated with price volatility and slippage.

Savers Vaults: For those looking to maximize earnings on their digital assets, Savers Vaults offer a strategic way to accumulate interest over time on single-sided assets. This tool is perfect for users looking for a hands-off approach to grow their investments.

Portfolio Management: ShapeShift offers robust tools to manage and review your entire cryptocurrency portfolio. Track your asset performance, make adjustments, and optimize your holdings all from one platform一anytime, anywhere.

Trading on ShapeShift

Trading cryptocurrencies on ShapeShift is intuitive. Our platform supports seamless trades between various cryptocurrencies and blockchains, allowing you to manage and diversify your portfolio with ease. The interface is straightforward, catering to both beginners and seasoned traders, ensuring that everyone can navigate and execute trades without hassle.

Building a Community-Centric Platform

ShapeShift is more than just a trading platform; it’s a community-driven project. As part of our commitment to decentralized governance, ShapeShift is now powered by the  $FOX token, which not only serves as a utility token but also empowers you with governance rights. Holding $FOX tokens gives you a say in key decisions about the platform’s development and operations through a democratic voting system. It’s a great way to participate actively in the decentralized ecosystem and help shape the future of finance.

You can purchase $FOX tokens directly on Coinbase or trade from over 10,000 currencies on It’s never been easier to unlock the decentralized universe. 

Why Quit CEX: The Shift to DeFi

Centralized exchanges like Coinbase are great for beginners because they're easy to use and provide straightforward access to buying and selling crypto. However, they also come with risks like potential security issues and having someone else control your funds. Switching to a DeFi platform like ShapeShift can give you more control, letting you manage your transactions directly from your wallet. This reduces risks and boosts your security. Moving to DeFi also means you're embracing the core idea of blockchain technology, which is all about decentralization. When you choose DeFi over traditional exchanges, you're not just trading—you're taking charge of your financial privacy and security, making the system work in your favor.

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