ShapeShift’s recent partnership with Unstoppable Domains made a big splash for delivering both veteran and novice users even greater ease of use when sending and receiving BTC and ETH. Users can now replace complicated wallet addresses with human-readable NFT domains purchased from Unstoppable Domains to send and receive the top-traded crypto assets (BTC and ETH) with no added fees or KYC, but with the ease of sending a simple email. NFT domains can be as simple as Ethan.crypto, vs. the lengthy cryptographic characters we typically use when trading assets. 

We announced that FOX and FOXy holders would receive a $50 Unstoppable Domains minting credit—so, it’s understandable that many may be curious what an NFT Domain is, why they should get one, and how they can use it on our no KYC, community-owned web app. Thankfully, our friendly FOX community is here to help explain!

What Is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a leading platform for Web3 digital identity with more than 2.4 million registered NFT domains. When you purchase an NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains (they start at $20), this domain becomes a proxy for your cryptocurrency address, your login to the decentralized web, and your universal username. Better yet, you can pay for your domain once, and it’s yours forever一unlike traditional Web2 domain ownership. With ShapeShift’s integration, we are enabling our users to use these NFT domains to replace cryptographic addresses when sending and receiving top crypto assets, making transactions simpler and more user friendly.

What Are NFT Domains?

Traditional Web2 domains (like have not really progressed much beyond displaying websites. This might be because centralized servers have essentially controlled traditional domains since the birth of the internet. The tech that powers domain NFTs (a.k.a. blockchains) opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for users on both Web2 and Web3!

NFT domains一also known as decentralized domains, crypto domains, or blockchain domains一live on a public blockchain and give users complete ownership of their stored data. NFT domains are the newest kids on the block(chain), and they have the power to change what we know of as the internet today. The main benefits to owning one are its ability to simplify crypto transactions by replacing wallet addresses with the domain name and easily create and host Web3 websites. 

This means that the domain can send and receive other compatible cryptocurrencies and tokens as payment without having to type in a long string of numbers and letters or scanning a QR code (like you would with a traditional wallet). These NFT domains can be purchased, sold, and hodled just like any other NFT. This means that they also have their own secondary market that drives demand and value for simply holding a domain that is highly sought after. These NFTs are minted on Polygon so holders don’t have to worry about paying expensive gas fees一in fact, minting your NFT domain is completely free through Unstoppable Domains. Simply put: your NFT domain has the power to be your master key for sending and receiving within the Web3 ecosystem! 

To summarize, here is what your NFT domain from Unstoppable Domains can do generally:

  1. Simplify crypto transactions by replacing all your complicated wallet addresses with your domain name as your username.
  2. Use your domain to receive 275+ coins and tokens across multiple blockchain networks. 
  3. Login to apps with your domain name as your universal web3 username.
  4. Unlike traditional domains, fully own and control your domain. You buy it once, you own it for life!
  5. Easily create and host websites, ranging from personal websites to NFT galleries.

ShapeShifting How We Connect

ShapeShift’s partnership with Unstoppable Domains empowers users to send and receive with their crypto easily by replacing their wallet addresses with a personalized NFT domain. Thanks to this partnership, we’re sending a unique code to everyone on our ShapeShift email list for a $50 credit toward claiming their own unstoppable domain. This is valid for FOX token holders until the time of the promotion announcement only. Domains Domain NFTs parallel ShapeShift’s spirit of true ownership, decentralization, and borderless finance through enabling users to send and receive with greater ease while remaining in complete control of their tokens. Experience sending and receiving in a whole new way with your personalized unstoppable domain at!

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