In the crypto world, the way a token's economy is set up can make a big difference in its value and sustainability. ShapeShift DAO has come up with rFOX, a multichain community incentive program that cleverly burns FOX.

Let's break down how rFOX works, why it’s great, and how FOX burn makes everything even better.

The Origin of the FOX Token

The FOX token is ShapeShift DAO’s native governance token on Ethereum, created to support decentralized decision-making and boost participation within the ShapeShift ecosystem. When ShapeShift became a DAO, FOX tokens became essential for voting on proposals and guiding the project’s future. There’s a finite supply of FOX tokens, meaning only a certain number will ever exist. This scarcity is built to help increase the token's value over time, especially with mechanisms like token burning in play.

How rFOX Works

rFOX is all about connecting Arbitrum and THORChain ecosystems. It starts when users do any THORChain activity on ShapeShift. This includes trading, saving, lending, or providing liquidity on THORChain. These activities generate RUNE, THORChain’s native token, which ShapeShift DAO earns as affiliate fees. This RUNE goes into the DAO treasury, setting the stage for both FOX burn and rFOX rewards.

What’s FOX Burn?

FOX burn is a simple but powerful idea: ShapeShift DAO uses some of the RUNE it earns to buy back FOX tokens and permanently remove them from circulation. This decreases the total supply of FOX, making each remaining token a bit more valuable. It’s like reducing the number of slices in a pie so each slice gets bigger.

The Real Impact of rFOX

When you stake your FOX tokens in the rFOX program, you earn rewards in RUNE. This not only gives stakers direct benefits but also helps with the deflationary pressure on FOX tokens through the burn mechanism. The more active the community is in staking and participating, the greater the benefits for everyone. 

Free Trading on ShapeShift

One of the standout perks for FOX holders using ShapeShift is the ability to waive trading fees. When you hold FOX tokens and use the ShapeShift platform, you can trade without the usual fees that other users might incur. This benefit is a significant draw for power users who engage in frequent trading, saving them money and making the platform even more attractive. 


By joining rFOX, you can earn rewards while also supporting the FOX burn process, which helps increase the token’s value. For FOX holders, this means potential growth in token value and a strong reason to stay invested in the project. 

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