The first-ever multichain community incentive program connecting  Arbitrum and THORChain ecosystems further solidifying ShapeShift’s longstanding  partnership with THORChain.
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Welcome to Multichain Incentives

Stake FOX
Easily stake ShapeShift’s governance token (FOX) on Arbitrum
Earn THORChain’s native token, RUNE, when you stake FOX on Arbitrum
On Arbitrum
rFOX connects Arbitrum and THORChain  ecosystems for the first time ever

FOX discounts

Keep your FOX discount when you stake to rFOX. Hold or stake 300k FOX for free trades.

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop


When you stake FOX in rFOX, you are rewarded with RUNE proportional to the amount of RUNE the DAO makes.The more you trade, the more you earn.

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Powered by THORChain

ShapeShift provides a seamless and powerful platform for trading and managing digital assets across multiple blockchains powered by THORChain and more!

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop

Built on Arbitrum

Dive into ShapeShift, connect your wallet, and explore the endless possibilities of the multichain universe.

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rFOX connects the Arbitrum and THORChain ecosystems. This means rFOX stakers are rewarded when anyone:

• Trades
• Saves
• Borrows
• Provides Liquidity

On any of the nine chains supported by THORChain.

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FOX token airdrop
FOX token airdrop

rFOX Origins

rFOX originated from a community forum post by Jon, inviting feedback to promote decentralized decision-making.  The proposal gained overwhelming support with 33 million token votes in  one of the highest participations on SnapShot. This initiative  demonstrates the effectiveness of DAO tokenholders in decision-making  and executing multichain development and tokenomic projects while  upholding the principles of decentralization and permissionless finance.

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What is ShapeShift

  • About Us
  • ShapeShift, established by Erik Voorhees in 2016, underwent a significant transformation into a DAO in 2021. It stands as the pioneering multichain DEX aggregator, integrating leading platforms such as THORChain, CoWSwap, 0x, LiFi, among others. Offering a seamless blend of a wallet and trading interface, ShapeShift empowers users with the capability to trade, earn, buy, sell, send, and receive a wide array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Dogecoin, and more. As a platform, ShapeShift champions the principles of permissionless access, trustless operations, privacy, and non-custodial asset management, providing users with a secure and autonomous digital currency management experienceClick here for more information.

How Do I use ShapeShift

  • Getting Started
  • Use ShapeShift anywhere you go. Simply head to, connect or create a wallet and get started! Mobile users can install the ShapeShift mobile application and connect or create a wallet.

What wallets are compatible with ShapeShift?

  • Compatible Wallets
  • ShapeShift supports 150+ different wallets including MetaMask, Ledger, xDeFi, WalletConnect, Coinbase, and Keplr! Head to to view some of the most popular wallets to use with ShapeShift.