ShapeShift DAO has introduced rFOX, a new multichain incentive program designed to bridge the Arbitrum and THORChain ecosystems.

Here’s a quick rundown of how rFOX works and the benefits it offers to everyone involved.

Step 1: Activities on THORChain

rFOX is all about connecting Arbitrum and THORChain ecosystems. It starts when users do any THORChain activity on ShapeShift. This includes trading, saving, lending, or providing liquidity on THORChain.

Step 2: ShapeShift DAO Earns RUNE

These activities generate RUNE, THORChain’s native token, which ShapeShift DAO earns as affiliate fees. This RUNE goes into the DAO treasury, setting the stage for both FOX burn and rFOX rewards.

Step 3: Growing the DAO Treasury

The accumulated RUNE is then deposited into the ShapeShift DAO treasury, essentially the DAO’s financial reserve. This treasury acts as the central pool of resources, where the real magic happens.

FOX burn and rFOX Rewards

Here’s where things get interesting:
1. FOX Burn: A portion of the RUNE in the treasury is used to buy back and burn FOX tokens. This reduces the overall supply of FOX, making each remaining token slightly more valuable.
2. rFOX Yield: The rest of the RUNE is distributed as rewards to those who stake their FOX tokens. By staking FOX, you earn RUNE, providing a solid incentive to hold and stake your tokens.

🔥 The Deflationary Effect of FOX Burn 🔥

Burning FOX tokens reduces the total supply, which can increase the value of the remaining tokens. Simultaneously, staking FOX to earn RUNE rewards makes the entire ecosystem more attractive and beneficial for participants.

Closing Thoughts

Joining the rFOX program means you’re actively contributing to the growth of the ShapeShift ecosystem while also enjoying the rewards. It’s a system built to benefit both the community and the token holders, ensuring that everyone gains as the program evolves.

By participating in rFOX, you help strengthen the ShapeShift ecosystem and, in turn, benefit from a mechanism that not only rewards you with RUNE but also increases the value of FOX over time.

It's a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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