Whether you’ve been in crypto since the start or are just beginning, deciding where to store your crypto is a critical decision. Exchanges are the most familiar while being the least secure. Software wallets are a nice middle ground, but you’re still left with security concerns. Hardware wallets rank as the most difficult to use, but also the most secure.

In the past, there were always features that had to be sacrificed regardless of your wallet choice. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands. We created the ideal wallet by building an incredible UX and UI in tandem with the most secure wallet type — hardware.

Give the hardware you already own a free upgrade with the new ShapeShift Platform. You’ll be able to stay on the cutting edge of cold storage without the hassle and limited features you’re accustomed to. No more excuses — if you’re serious about security, it’s hardware or the highway.

If you’re serious about security — it’s hardware or the highway.

Why is Hardware Important to Us?

Financial sovereignty is what ShapeShift was founded on, which is why we’re committed to empowering the world to take back control of their wealth. Our company has evolved and grown substantially since 2014, but our noncustodial business model has never, and will never change. From managing your keys offline in cold storage to self-custody trading, your funds are in your hands throughout each step in the ShapeShift Platform — you control your crypto.

ShapeShift Compatible Hardware

A hardware wallet is a physical device that holds your private keys offline, eliminating the risk of malware, keyloggers, computer viruses, or other risks that software wallets and exchanges are vulnerable to. Keeping your private keys offline through cold storage is the most secure way to manage your crypto, but often is the least user-friendly wallet type.

This experience is changing thanks to the ShapeShift Platform, by providing an easy-to-use web interface for you to conveniently manage your crypto, all while your private keys remain offline. Our platform supports two of the top-ranking hardware wallets: KeepKey & Trezor (more wallet support coming soon).

Connect the hardware wallet you already own to the new ShapeShift Platform.


Founded in 2015, KeepKey was the second hardware wallet to enter the market. KeepKey has established a reputation as a high-quality wallet — due to the sleek design. The large screen and sturdy materials are for more than looking good — they also protect users from Man in the Middle attacks.

KeepKey was acquired by ShapeShift in 2017 and was among the first hardware wallets to offer crypto to crypto trading services. It supports 53 assets natively and is the premier wallet in the ShapeShift Platform, built to be the new client for KeepKey. This drastically enhances its usability by offering a sleek interface to manage crypto securely.


Trezor was the first hardware wallet on the market and is a fan favorite in the crypto community. It differs from KeepKey by its smaller size similar to a flash drive and has two models, the Trezor 1 and the Trezor Model T.

Based in Prague, Trezor offers a large number of supported coins by integrating with various third-parties. The ShapeShift Platform is now compatible with Trezor, bringing an intuitive dashboard that’s full of crypto tools to the classic hardware wallet.

How We’re Working Together

How is the ShapeShift Platform different from MyEtherWallet and other third-party hardware wallet integrations?

Unlike integrations that only offer a limited amount of features, our platform gives you the ability to buy sell, send, receive, trade, track, and manage your portfolio, all in one place. What makes this experience unique? Your hardware device only needs to be connected to sign a transaction when you send and trade, allowing you to view your balance precisely and securely.

The ShapeShift Platform gives you control over your crypto

  1. Secured with hardware
  2. Buy Bitcoin with your bank account for fees less than 1%
  3. Self-custody seamless trading
  4. Real-time price and portfolio tracking
  5. Web-based for easy access wherever you are

Ready to see it in action? Watch our demo video or try it out for yourself.

Create an account to claim your 100 FOX tokens at ShapeShift.com
Create an account to claim your 100 FOX tokens at ShapeShift.com

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Getting Started with Hardware Wallets

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