the new year, it’s always a good practice to reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments. Looking back at 2019, we realize that it has been a monumental year for ShapeShift. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, so have our products and services. We’ve launched our new platform, added popular wallet options, and announced zero commission trading for our users. We’re working to bridge the divide between traditional and alternative finance, making the latest financial technology readily available to the world.

This has been a year of new challenges and big wins for us, with more on the horizon. Revisit 2019 with us and learn about some of ShapeShift’s defining moments this year.

ShapeShift Beta Announced at ETHDenver

In late February, we unveiled the beta of our new crypto trading platform. The ShapeShift Platform (secured by our hardware wallet KeepKey) gave users access to an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem. For the first time, hardware security worked with a crypto toolkit, coupled with a beautiful interface.

Big thanks to ETHDenver for allowing us to introduce our new project at the event and demo the platform for the crypto community.

The ShapeShift Platform Launched

On July 8th, we officially launched the ShapeShift Platform. Our new platform was only compatible with hardware security. Protected by KeepKey and Trezor hardware wallets — your private keys remain entirely offline and in your control. Buying, selling, and hodling cryptocurrency had become easier than ever.

Read a blog from our Founder & CEO Erik Voorhees about the launch of the new ShapeShift Platform.

ShapeShift’s Five-Year Anniversary

In July we celebrated a big milestone — ShapeShift’s five year anniversary. We’ve seen plenty of ups and downs in the crypto space, and we have to say, we love being a part of it. Our COO, Jon, gave a speech to our team, we celebrated our successes and geared up for the work ahead.

📸 Head to our Instagram highlight for a behind the scenes look at our anniversary party.

Wallet Additions

Throughout the year, we added multiple wallets, giving KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger hardware wallet users access to our platform. With the addition of Portis software wallet, users can now create a wallet in seconds, giving them an easy onboarding experience like never before.

Commission Free Trading

In November, ShapeShift became the first crypto exchange to launch commission free trading. With ShapeShift’s new FOX token, users can now enjoy the best rates in the industry without added fees. Read our CEO’s note on the announcement, sign up to receive 100 FOX tokens, and give it a try.

Best Interviews with Erik Voorhees

ShapeShift had a great year for interviews, with our CEO, Erik Voorhees, speaking to Bloomberg TV, Naomi Brockwell, Charlie Shrem, Anthony Pompliano, Crypto Beadles, Peter McCormack, Epicenter TV, and more.

What’s Next in 2020?

We’re growing, and continuing to enhance our products as we move ahead. As we step into 2020, we’re ready for this year to be even bigger than the last. We may not know what’s next for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but we’re going to stick around and find out.

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