We’re thrilled to announce KeepKey’s partnership with MyEtherWallet (MEWV5).

The new integration with MyEtherWallet means that interacting with the Ethereum blockchain is now easier than ever. Your KeepKey ensures that your keys are kept offline and safe while MEW provides an all-new, redesigned, simple, clean interface.

🎉To celebrate, we’re offering 35% off when you buy a KeepKey with promo code: KKMEW! 🎉

Sign transactions with your KeepKey while using MEW’s interface to send, receive and view your ETH tokens (including those not yet supported by KeepKey).

Our partnership with MEW also allows you to migrate any ERC-20 tokens that launch to the mainnet. This means if you hold ERC-20 tokens that are scheduled to fork, you’ll be able to use MEW to migrate your tokens while keeping them safe with your KeepKey. Check with your ERC-20 mainnet website for specific migration details.

Why Should I use a Hardware Wallet with MEW?

MEW puts you in charge of keeping your private keys safe from phishing sites, hackers, keyloggers, malware, and more. While being responsible for your private keys is critical, it can be burdensome to maintain the necessary security practices to keep them safe.

Using a hardware wallet like KeepKey in tandem with MEW to store your keys offline lets you rest easy that your keys are safe.

How Do I Integrate My KeepKey with Mew?

  1. Connect your KeepKey and ensure you’re using beta v.6.0.3 on Chrome.
  2. Go to MyEtherWallet.com and click the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ tab
  3. Click ‘KeepKey’
  4. Click the ‘Connect to KeepKey Wallet’ button
  5. Pair device
  6. Enter your KeepKey pin on MEW
  7. Choose which HD derivation path and address to use
  8. If your KeepKey already has funds, the balance will be visible
  9. Click ‘Unlock Your Wallet’

  1. Copy your MEW address found to the left of your balance
  2. Send tokens to your address
  3. Refresh your balance

  1. Enter the amount and address you’d like to send funds to
  2. Press Send
  3. Confirm on your KeepKey that the address and amount are correct by holding down the black button
  4. Hold down the button again to confirm the gas fee
📌 See the MEWV5 interface and the ways you can interact with the blockchain.

Integrate KeepKey into web apps using our open JavaScript Library

We also have some exciting news for our developer community. Thanks to our new open JavaScript library, web apps can easily integrate KeepKey into their own products. Now, you can interact with KeepKey over WebUSB on Chrome.

This helped make KeepKey’s integration with MEW seamless and will be an excellent resource for anyone that would like to connect a hardware wallet to their product or service.

📌 Explore KeepKey’s JavaScript Library