Welcome to this week's Governance Newsletter! ShapeShift DAO is currently working on migrating its forum to a new platform with a brand new ideation process, so stay tuned for the updates! While you're at it, check out this week's proposals and make sure to vote. Let’s continue to DAO it!

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Renew vFOX Committee for another 6-month term

SCP-106 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • With the passing of this proposal, ShapeShift DAO voted to renew the vFOX Committee for another six-month term to develop new opportunities in the coming months.


Grant Ops Workstream authority to Appoint/Remove Push Delegates

Ideation Current Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • This proposal is a continuation of SCP-79, in which ShapeShift DAO deployed a Push (formerly known as EPNS) channel to enable sending decentralized notifications to subscribers’ wallet addresses. 
  • This proposal aims to delegate authority to the Operations Workstream Leader to add or remove delegates to the DAO’s existing Push channel without requiring an additional governance proposal each time.