DAOs Unite

ShapeShift DAO and Colony share the same goal of enabling people to collaborate and manage shared funds without needing a centralized entity to control funding. This aligns with ShapeShift DAO's vision of a community built on trust and accomplishing shared goals. 

To further strengthen our partnership, the ShapeShift DAO has been offered a fantastic opportunity to be a launch partner for Colony’s new product called Mission Control. This feature will allow ShapeShift to display its active bounties and enable contributors to earn additional CLNY tokens once they complete their tasks. Allowing ShapeShift to have their bounties more noticed as well as increased rewards for each bounty, a win-win situation for all. 

ShapeShift is excited about this launch and is grateful to Colony developers for building applications that incentivize users, generate revenue, and drive growth autonomously. 

Check out the available bounties here and start contributing to the ShapeShift DAO today.

Companies That Run on Software

The Colony Network is a suite of smart contracts running on Ethereum, providing everything an organization needs to operate on-chain. Payments, teams, authority, governance, revenue sharing, the ability to interact with any other smart contract on Ethereum, and a whole lot more. 

Since decentralizing, the ShapeShift DAO has found a way to efficiently reward contributors in a manner that does not compromise security or decentralization, and that is through our partnership with Colony. Colony enables DAO appointed workstream leaders to request funding from the DAO and allocate it to individual contributors, squads, or other workstream expenses. 

Decentralized Without Compromise

Colony is an entirely decentralized application - DAO’s can structure their colonies into teams to divide and conquer any project. The core responsibility for ShapeShift’s workstream leaders is to ensure their workstreams have sufficient funding to execute on their goals and make proposals to the DAO to receive that funding. Once the funding is received, workstream leaders can allocate it to contributors and other expenses to achieve the goals proposed to the DAO. Colony has helped the ShapeShift DAO accomplish this in a way that does not compromise decentralization. Payments can be denominated in Ether, DAI, or any ERC20 compatible token. 

Reputation Is Important

Reputation is gained by completing tasks and being paid within Colony, evaluating the quality of others' tasks, or administrative work such as flagging bad behaviour. It represents merit, which in Colony shows an immutable record of contributors to a shared goal. 

Reputation decays over time, so only persistent and regular contributors will stay influential and allow for recent contributions to gain an equal reputation.

Better Together

ShapeShift DAO is excited to be the first to try out this new feature and get the community involved. Colony has made it easier for the ShapeShift DAO community to build online together. Facilitating participation and fostering engagement are the cornerstones of a thriving community - let's make it happen together. 

Start contributing to the ShapeShift DAO today!

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