It's been another awesome week in the ShapeShift DAO governance world. We carry on building up the ShapeShift DAO governance experience one Fox vote at a time. Check out below this week's passed and active proposals and don't forget to vote. Let’s continue to DAO it!

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Create a new FOX-XDAI Regen Farm to incentivize liquidity on Gnosis Chain

SCP-102 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $750,000 in FOX tokens for 6 months

  • With the passing of this proposal, ShapeShift DAO voted to increase the liquidity of the FOX token on Gnosis Chain to keep up with the overall growth of the FOX economy on this chain and continue rewarding both liquidity providing and holding of the FOX token.

Pre-authorize $500,000 FOX purchase or creation of LP tokens

SCP-105 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $500,000

  • By passing this proposal, ShapeShift DAO voted to spend up $500,000 worth of stablecoins from its treasury in order to purchase a corresponding amount of FOX on the open market, primarily to defend the liquidity of FOX on Uniswap V2.


Renew vFOX Committee for another 6-month term

SCP-106 Current Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • This proposal positions vFOX to develop new opportunities in the coming months, extending its work thus far.
  • This proposal would renew the existing vFOX Committee for another six-month term, beginning on the date of its approval via community governance. Specifically, a “yes” vote would stipulate that the DAO use its vFOX tokens to vote in favor of this extension.
  • A continuation of the current committee would allow vFOX to expand on its work thus far, and position it to develop new opportunities over the next six months.