Last weekend, over 1,500 Ethereum enthusiasts descended upon the Mile High city to take part in ETHDenver, the largest Ethereum hackathon (or, as we say, #buidlathon) in the world.

Made up of over 1,500 attendees, the event hosted over 750 hackers from 23 countries. Together, developers, technologists, coders, crypto-economists, and makers collaborated around a common purpose: buidling the decentralized future.

The ShapeShift team was there for the entire 36 hours — speaking on panels, showing demos of our beta platform, competing in the buidlathon, and judging the ShapeShift and CoinCap bounty entries.

The energy was electric, and over the course of the weekend, you couldn’t help but feel the undeniable spirit of partnership, community, and working together.

“ETHDenver was incredible,” said ShapeShift Engineer Charlie. “There was a ton of positive energy and people excited about the space. This sort of collaboration we saw is unique to crypto, where everyone is in this shared boat of mutual success and ready to support each other.”

For ShapeShift’s bounty, we required applicants to use at least one ShapeShift or CoinCap API endpoint in an application that targets consumers or businesses. A team of our developers judged the entries on Sunday, with the first prize of $3,000, second prize of $1,200, and third prize of $800.

“The three projects that won our bounties were ones that we thought people out in the world would use once they become finished products. The first was a great, real-world idea that was ready for use. The second project had really deep human usability and functionality, and the third had a great concept. All three ideas were immensely promising.” — ShapeShift CTO, Jonathan.

Here are the winners who knocked it out of the park:

  • Ethergram: a Telegram app that allows you to send Ethereum transactions and ERC-20 tokens.
  • CryptoMessenger: allows you to check your crypto portfolio, make trades, and more through a messenger bot.
  • SMS-blockchain-protocol: MS-blockchain-protocol that allows you to interact with Ethereum smart contracts using SMS. With this technology, you can access the Ethereum blockchain without wifi or a 3G/LTE data plan connection, as long as you have basic cell phone service.

This year’s ETHDenver was a testament to the growth of Denver’s crypto community, as well as the commitment of the Ethereum community to build through the crypto winter.

You can check out all of the highlights from #ETHDenver 2019 on Instagram.