Setting up your Keplr Wallet with ShapeShift is a straightforward process that opens the door to innovative crypto activities. ShapeShift equips you with a range of features for trading, lending, and enhancing your overall crypto experience.

Here’s your guide to getting started with ShapeShift using your Keplr Wallet.

Starting with ShapeShift

Navigate to Connect your wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button, selecting “Keplr Wallet” from the options, and following the prompts. This ensures your digital assets and private keys stay secure under your direct control.

What You Can Do on ShapeShift

Once your wallet is connected, ShapeShift offers several dynamic features that allow you to fully engage with your cryptocurrencies:

Portfolio Management: With ShapeShift, managing your crypto portfolio becomes more intuitive. Track your assets, view your transaction history, and analyze performance directly from the dashboard, giving you a clear overview and greater control over your investments.

Store, Send, and Receive ATOM: Keplr Wallet allows you to store ATOM securely. You can also easily send and receive ATOM, ensuring seamless transactions and interactions with the Cosmos ecosystem with ShapeShift.

Trading Made Simple

ShapeShift’s trading platform aims to accommodate both new and seasoned crypto users. It supports effortless trades across different cryptocurrencies and blockchains, allowing you to diversify and manage your portfolio efficiently.

Linking your Keplr Wallet to ShapeShift not only grants you access to a robust set of DeFi tools but also enhances how you interact with your digital assets. By exploring the extensive features available on ShapeShift, you can take an active role in managing and growing your crypto investments in a secure, decentralized platform. Get started today to explore the full potential of your cryptocurrencies with ShapeShift.

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