I have noticed that Brazil lacks reliable information on DeFi, financial freedom, blockchain, DAOs, and especially the overarching crypto ecosystem. In Brazil, many of the “cypherpunks” prefer to spend their time solely in the Bitcoin ecosystem一choosing not to participate in the surrounding DeFi community. For whatever reason they choose not to participate, their long-term knowledge of crypto and its community is lost as a benefit to the masses. The other extreme of this vibrant community is alt-coin lovers, day traders, influencers, and people who seem to have multi-level marketing motivations. 

This is a seemingly chaotic ecosystem for any person looking to get into DeFi or the larger crypto ecosystem. It can even seem like everyone is looking to take advantage of you. However, among this diverse crowd are groups of true enthusiasts一such as the contributors at the ShapeShift DAO一who are seeking to make information and tools within the space easy to access and known to the surrounding DeFi community.

Communities are yearning to be included, and I have seen a growing hunger for information about this DeFi movement, especially in Brazil. People and communities around me want to be part of the process and get involved一or at the very least, be able to understand the process and utilize this revolutionary system. With so many different opinions and options available within the DeFi ecosystem, it is difficult to have one opinion and set of tools you can confidently and consistently rely on. ShapeShift strives to be the decentralized gateway to DeFi and a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. We remain true to the core principles of DeFi and provide these curated tools and information to our surrounding communities for free.

Pioneering the Future

It's time for us to help pioneer and shapeshift Brazil into a new financial future. One of the core elements that make the ShapeShift DAO an excellent facilitator for this is our ability to provide a forum and platform for discourse, learning, and utility. These tools empower and support the everyday use of self-custodial, no KYC finance.

It doesn’t have to stop there. Our people need to know that they can manage their assets on their own terms and engage in true self-sovereign finance. In a world where financial freedom is increasingly restricted, blockchain technology quickly becomes something more than just cryptocurrency and tokens. It becomes the foundation and building blocks on which we can rebuild and redefine our entire way of life.

We know the importance of ShapeShift’s contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. Our pushback against regulatory tyrants and our metamorphosis into a DAO has positioned us to be in an influential position within this space一one we do not take lightly. Our DAO is a powerful place established by people who are exactly like you and me experiencing similar struggles to achieve a common goal. DAOs like ShapeShift are a mechanism that are gaining notoriety and attracting people from all backgrounds from all over the world一becoming a global phenomenon. We want to ensure that as the first DAO to exist as a result of a transformation from a centralized corporation, we set the example and standard for other DAOs to follow in our footsteps.

ShapeShift With Us

Incubating new talent in a DAO forges passionate and engaged contributors. We reward all of our contributors in governance ($FOX) or $USDC so that they can have an option to have a voice and a hand in helping build the ecosystem in which they work. Contributors provide skills to the DAO such as designing, writing, or coding. It is extremely easy to get involved with us一it could be as little as just liking and sharing this article with your friends and family or as much as becoming a full-time contributor. If everyone does their part, our shapeshifting community can provide opportunity and information for everyone and their families around the world.