Thanks to our awesome community, we continue to see great engagement in the ShapeShift DAO governance. We are determined to continue building open-source public goods that are accessible to everyone and anyone in the world. Check out this week's proposals below and consider casting your vote. Let’s continue to DAO it!

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Outsource the DAO’s Responsible Disclosure Program to HackenProof

SCP-104 Final Results

Total Proposed Budget: $75,000

  • With the passing of this proposal, ShapeShift DAO voted for outsourcing the DAO's Responsible Disclosure Program (RDP) created in SCP-46 to incentivize security researchers to disclose vulnerabilities that may adversely affect the DAO, token holders, or the community.


Create a new FOX-XDAI Regen Farm to incentivize liquidity on Gnosis Chain

SCP-102 Current Results

Total Proposed Budget: $750,000 in FOX tokens for 6 months

  • The FOX-HNY Regen Farm liquidity mining program will end on October 2nd. The FOX Regen Farm provides rewards to token holders who provide liquidity to the FOX token on the Gnosis Chain. This will help keep up with the overall growth of the FOX economy on the Gnosis chain.
  • The FOX Regen Farm will continue to reward both liquidity providing and holding of the FOX token.
  • The current liquidity on HoneySwap is $286,624 USD in FOX incentivized by the FOXRegen Farm on Gnosis Chain. FOX liquidity and the number of token holders has grown steadily, with a circulating supply of 7,930,246.57 xFOX on 08/24/22 and 1115 token holders.

Pre-authorize $500,000 FOX purchase or creation of LP tokens

SCP-105 Current Results

Total Proposed Budget: $500,000

  • This proposal authorizes the ShapeShift DAO to spend $500,000 worth of stablecoins from its treasury to purchase a corresponding amount of FOX on the open market. This is an authorization for one time use.
  • This proposal is intended to maintain liquidity in FOX on Uniswap V2. Currently, there are about 2,150 ETH in the FOX/ETH pool.


Renew vFOX Committee for another 6-month term

Ideation Current Results

Total Proposed Budget: $0

  • This proposal is a continuation of SCP-69 1, which created a new sub-DAO called “vFOX” dedicated to making strategic allocations from the DAO’s treasury into early-stage tokenized projects. Specifically, this outlines a six-month extension of the current vFOX Committee, which consists of JonisJon, willyfox, and Kent.