We’re excited to announce that ShapeShift has joined the Global Digital Finance (GDF) Advisory Council! The council focuses on educating lawmakers by bringing the digital asset community together; from regulators and government bodies to startups and investors.

Why is ShapeShift partnering with Global Digital Finance?

GDF is raising awareness for crypto on a global scale, and that’s something that we’re eager to be a part of. The organization is a membership body, pushing for the adoption of best practices in digital finance through the engagement of industry leaders and policy-makers alike. We’re supportive of the relationship-building efforts and desire to educate regulators on crypto.

GDF is uniquely balanced, looking to blend the worlds of traditional finance and digital assets. The reasoning behind this is to help the financial world evolve, as innovative and groundbreaking tech continues to develop. The organization’s goal is to bring everyone to the table for inclusive, beneficial discussions and education on cryptocurrencies.

Source: GDF

ShapeShift Founder and CEO, Erik Voorhees said this about the partnership:

“ShapeShift is excited to be partnering with GDF; an organization working to bring about mainstream adoption in the digital currency space by clearing regulatory uncertainty and obstacles. We look forward to contributing to the future leadership of GDF through our position on the Advisory Council.” — Erik Voorhees

The Global Digital Finance Community

Working with GDF adds ShapeShift to the exciting, vibrant community that they’ve created. The organization’s extended community has 200+ industry participants and over 35 global regulatory and policy-making organizations. GDF’s community includes big names in the crypto space like ConsenSys, Huobi, Coinbase, Ledger, and the Crypto Valley Association.

Want to learn more about Global Digital Finance? Check out their website or follow them on LinkedIn and Medium.