• Newly designed open-source web app
  • Track, trade, and earn all in one place
  • 100% free, open-source, community-owned, non-custodial
  • Open-source v2 code - features can be built by any interested developers
  • Portfolio & asset tracking 
  • Earn yield on your digital assets

New Web Platform - 

ShapeShift DAO, a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform, has announced the launch of its new open-source v2 web platform. The brand new web app is the gateway into decentralized finance for all crypto enthusiasts.   Users can track, trade, and earn yield with their digital assets with no added fees, all without giving up privacy or custody. 

Users can manage multiple digital assets privately without KYC  by connecting their crypto wallets. ShapeShift v2 becomes one of the safest and most privacy-centric ways to interact with cryptocurrency across various chains.

Earning Opportunities Within V2 

As the v2 platform’s capabilities expand, ShapeShift will reward users with FOX tokens for engaging with DeFi. By creating affiliate partnerships with DeFi protocols, ShapeShift will reward users from their half of the revenue share model, allowing users to enjoy the best yield, a unified user interface, all with no added costs or diminishing returns. 

ShapeShift v2 aims to become the dashboard for everything while remaining true to the principles of DeFi and crypto - your keys, your crypto, with privacy protection. Other projects in a similar vein charge a fee for their front end, which gives v2 a competitive advantage in the space. As more earning opportunities come online, ShapeShift becomes the one-stop-shop to earn yield on digital assets.

Before the v2 launch, providing liquidity was always an option for users to earn yield. These options include Uniswap v2 on LP FOX/ETH, ICHI - using the oneFOX pool, and most recently Tokemak - a single-sided liquidity staking opportunity to earn TOKE rewards. The new v2 platform advances further and introduces Yearn Vaults, a strategy developed by Yearn Finance. v2 has eleven different vaults with consolidated assets and tokens. These vaults allow users to provide liquidity, rewarding them with yield on holding tokens of their choice as an additional form of revenue. 

Open-Source v2 Platform Code

In July, ShapeShift announced that it would decentralize the company and open-source all of its code to build a dynamic and robust community around a fully open-source system to align with the true intent of decentralization. It allows developers to review and contribute to the code by downloading it to the repository. Further, community developers are welcome to attend community calls on ShapeShift’s Discord to view demos, discuss enhancements or join general discussions about product engineering topics. 

By proposing changes and collaborating with the ShapeShift DAO, the community can create the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to manage a portfolio of digital currencies. With the new v2 codebase, the code can run on decentralized infrastructure, providing a path to resilience and aligning with the principle of decentralization. 

What’s Next?

ShapeShift was formed to help drive the mission of borderless, decentralized finance forward (before “DeFi” was even a thing!). 

FOX represents the DAO and dedication to this mission in tokenized form - we will continue to build upon its utility in the months ahead. Our users will enjoy the advantages of the community we are establishing while at the same time participating in self-sovereign finance across the entire ecosystem. 

More to come! 

Explore the DeFi universe now with ShapeShift at 

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